Monday, July 20, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, Monday July 20th, 2009...

Outside my window... are friends I have yet to meet.

I am thinking... about how funny the Lord is! I love that He is faithful to keep things and activities from becoming idols. And I love that just when you lay down a desire or a dream and delight in being content, He fulfills an even greater desire or bigger dream... above and beyond what I could ask or think.

From the learning rooms... there is cleaning and purging and organizing. I am so excited for the new school year. :D

I am thankful for... the promise of the Lord's return and that He is coming back soon. I am thankful for good churches that teach from God's Word and aren't being distracted from teaching Scripture.

I am wearing...a muumuu and an apron. Yes, I'm quite a sight right now. Hee hee

I am reading... Footsteps of the Flock at night, a variety of home school material during the day, and half-finished projects that I discovered when I was cleaning off my desktop on the computer. At church, we are currently in the Book of Luke on Sundays and Leviticus on Thursdays.

I am hoping... that Nana has a safe trip down to San Diego on Wednesday. I am hoping that Nana, Auntie Cindy, Andrea and her mom all have a blessed time at the retreat.

I am creating... room in my brain! Ha ha-- seriously though, I may have another wedding invitation order. I really thought I retired from design stuff. I guess not! I'll know more tonight. I am meeting with the happy couple this evening. If it's too big of an order I may just help design and have them printed some where else. Anything over 175 is just too much and not very cost effective.

I am praying... for Jesus to come quickly, the peace of Jerusalem and for a heart and will to abide, moment by moment, with my Lord, my God.

Around the house... I don't know what happened. Oh wait, I know... we came home from vacation! Definitely some cleaning to do this week. And since Nana will be gone for two weeks I better start thinking about cooking again. Did I mention how much I loved our vacation and not cooking or washing dishes for a week? Okay, just checking.

One of my favorite things... acts of service. Seriously, it's my main "love language" both in how I express love and how I feel loved. I think it's part of the reason Karl and I get along so well. He is an acts of service person too. Soooo, imagine my surprise when we got home from the airport and discovered that our friend Tita had planted flowers in my yard! So excited!!

Katie-kins also surprised me this week with fun pigs (metal not real) for the garden too! I'll put up a picture once we get them installed. Papa is putting a couple coats of clear enamel to protect them from the weather (which we get a lot of 'round here). Papa is an acts of service guy too, can you tell? :D

A few plans for the rest of the week... are the usual ballet/violin lessons, Monday-- meeting to possibly do some wedding invites, Tuesday-- errands, Wednesday-- Nana leaves, Thursday-- yay, Church!!! , and Friday-- Ben and Abby's wedding.
I hope we're all well. I'm bummed that I missed Aaron and Katie's wedding this last Saturday. But glad that Karl, Nana, Papa and Leisl were able to make it.

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing with you...

Papa took pictures of Tita working hard on my surprise.




~Cyndi said...

Such a cute garden spot!!! (I could do without the buggies, tho, I've got enough real critters over here!) :) What a wonderful thing to have done for you!

Ann said...

Ahhh Tita..such a lil sweetie!!! They were so cute planning it all out so you could come home to pretties:) Katie barely contained herself the whole time she was waiting to give you your piggies:)

Abigail said...

Flowers, piggies, and pennies! Wow.

The Lord is so good, and we are blessed to have such amazing friends.

Ann said...

We are blessed to have you all as our friends!!! You inspire us:)

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