Friday, July 3, 2009

Instead of Packing...

I'm mentally preparing to leave while pondering deeply profound things.

For example,

why did I get my haircut before my vacation--

when I will look like this the entire time I'm there...

I also seemed to be more concerned with the bringing of snacks than anything else.

Nana bought several... okay, ten, containers of garlic fried peanuts from the little Filipino market. I ran them through the Seal-A-Meal so I could bring them with us.

I do plan on sharing but yes, I am definitely on a little "kick" right now.

And so you don't think I'm the only one with a lack of, let's say, urgency to get ready, here is some video footage of The Captain having some pre-4th of the July celebration with the kids this evening.

Our little man thought this was a fine opportunity to practice his firefighting skills.
Be warned, the footage is quite exciting and will keep you on the edge of your seats I'm sure.
Eh hem...

All this to say, I shall miss all of you immensely. But, I have been in near-desperate need of a vacation for quite some time. Thankfully the opportunity presented itself and we jumped at it!
We'll be back in a week... and while away, I have a few "classic" posts scheduled so it's not too lonely 'round here.

Until then, Aloha...



Meghan said...

I am in love with your new haircut! Looks fabulous!!

Four For France said...

I think you have posted more during the time you were supposed to be packing than you did in all the weeks before! I can totally relate, because while I love to travel, I hate to pack, and always avoid it as long as possible. Have a great trip!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Have fun!!!! And, I love your haircut. Don't fret, the fish will say "Wow!"

Heasleye said...

Heehee...cute haircut! Have a wonderful vacation. :)


Tammi Kay said...

What a cute video! The kids are really excited to 'meet' you! (Me too!) Enjoy your flight.

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Seriously, LOVE your new haircut Lainie Pants! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I was recently contemplating bringing my bangs back from and center and now you have really inspired me:-)

Miss you!

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