Friday, June 5, 2009

Update #3: Around The House

The biggest thing that happened in May is my brother came for his very first visit to Oregon!

He visited from California (where we were raised) and I loved having him here with us.
I miss him so much and we are all praying that he will move up here--soon!

During his visit we were able to celebrate his birthday and his re-birth day!
He was baptized!

Abby (Leisl) made a video for him that highlights his visit. She has been sneaky camera person lately and I am soooo glad she captured him on video. To see my brother so in love and passionate about worshipping the Lord our God... it just amazes me.

Speaking of videos, Abby also made one for me as a Mother's Day gift... it totally made me cry.

I have put both videos on Facebook but will post them here as well.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, the girls have been busy rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland and their performance is coming up---June 13th. Brigitta's broken toe is all better now.

And all three children had a violin recital. I love to see their progress and enjoy each new achievement.

I'll leave you with their recital... and yes, Abby is wearing Converse low tops with a dress ;)

(This video was originally posted on Facebook but since I deleted my account it doesn't show up any more... I can't find the original :( Oops.)

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