Friday, June 5, 2009

Update #1: The Groaning Body

Hi everyone! Look at me, I can type again!

I've been away so long I've been pondering how to jump back into the blogosphere.

I thought doing an update and catching everybody up to speed would be a good idea but I didn't like the idea of a ginormously long post. So my solution is to do a couple of brief ones.

Here we go!

I've had quite the adventure with my ever groaning body. My impinged nerves/bulging discs in my neck affected my arms. My left much more severely than my right. Hopefully, I will no longer take for granted things like squeezing toothpaste onto the toothbrush, holding a pencil, opening jars and cutting my own meat.

I'm not sure if it was having the impingement/bulge for so long or if I messed myself up with the home traction device, but whatever the reason, I ended up with a kooky neurological system. I was having involuntary muscle movements and had difficulty walking. Two words-- no fun.

After a trip to the ER (in which I scared the life out of Andrea and the clerk checking me in) it was determined that... they had no clue what was the matter with me BUT they were able to rule out the biggies. I did not have a stroke (which is what I looked like when I got to the ER) and I don't have a tumor or bleeding in my brain.

The good thing about the MRI?
I was able to confirm that I do, in fact, still have a brain ;)

Not to complain about our health care (which I am grateful we have) but they were, let's say, less than helpful to me.

I'm so glad God is good and He is taking care of me!

A friend from church strongly recommended that I see his chiropractor. I'm a little suspicious about chiropractors having never been to one. But he assured me that not only was he a believer but he was also a third generation chiropractor with a serious gifting in his profession.

So I went to Dr. Braman and after the first treatment the involuntary movements stopped.
The next week I had treatment number two and the constant burning in my arm and tingling stopped.

This week, he said, "You're no fun to play with any more. I can't find anything else wrong with you!"

Yea! I feel soooooo much better. I'm just very tired from this whole ordeal and I am looking forward to jumping back into day-to-day life.



Alicen said...

how scary! i'm so thankful that you were open & willing to try something new & different! praise God for your quick healing!

Abigail said...

I KNOW you're completely better now because you cooked on Thursday! First I was able to actually hug you without impinging something, and now you're cooking. (roast chicken?!) Ha ha.

Love you!

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