Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Sunday Bulletin

Ahhh, I just got back from church...the Word refreshes like nothing else can.

Not only was the service a blessing-- the bulletin was too.

So in keeping with my prior "borrowings" from Pastor Jim, here is today's bulletin and sure hope it blesses you guys :)

"...of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times,
to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred;
and all their brethren were at their command;"
1 Chronicles 12:37

Yesterday, being the habit on the first Saturday of the month, several of us men gathered for a time in the Word at the Coffee Cottage... by the way all of you men are invited to join us.

We recently concluded a study of Proverbs, and will next jump into the book of Ecclesiastes. In the study yesterday we looked at the life and a portion of the transition in the leadership of Israel from King David to his son Solomon.

Solomon of course is the primary author of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. It was on one aspect we camped.

David had it on his heart, his passion, to do something splendid for God. His desire to build a temple for God. God said, "No," and gave the task to Solomon. David, no different in emotion than you or I, had to be disappointed. So why did he not pout or become angry?

The answer lies in the word submission.

David was one who was submitted to God and truly at this time let God be his Lord. Dare I say he had understanding of the times... you see we, hopefully like Israel, are governed by God. Our times are in His hands. Such is stated in Psalm 31:15. When we truly and sincerely understand this we, like David, can graciously receive the "No's" from God.

May we be like the sons of Issachar and who understand the times and like David who penned, "My times are in Your hand..." Oh, by the way David was invigorated from that time in his vision which was spot on target with that of God... let's cheer one another on being invigorated in Him and His calling!

Pastor Jim

Lord thank You for Your wisdom in knowing how best to give You and Your kingdom glory.
So often I look around and want to be somewhere other than where You have placed me or doing something other than what You have called me to. Thank You for not always giving me what I think I want but growing and changing my heart to want what You want, to want more of You. May I be a woman like the apostle Paul who said,
"I have learned to content in whatever circumstances I am."

May my contentment be in You and You alone.


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