Friday, June 5, 2009

My Big Brother's Visit Video

Abby did the bulk of this video... I just tweaked things a little at the end when she got stuck.

We sure hope he moves here :)



Alicen said...

Awesome video! He seems like such a fun loving person. Congrats to your whole family.

one question....

WHAT were you guys doing (your brother jumping up & down while the family is clapping away with tv on in the background)?

Lainie said...

Alicen, so nice of you to drop by! Okay so my brother goes to this big church in San Diego called The Rock and the group 'Katinas' goes there and often gives concerts. Well he loves those guys and he brought up a DVD of their last concert that had interview footage, etc... After watching it we love them too! They mainly play worship cover material and I think they have few originals.

So, we were watching the DVD when the song, "I am free" came on. My brother just could not contain himself!! He was so cute! He is just so grateful that the Lord has set Him free that he just had to get up and sing and dance and lift his hands up to the Lord.

Keep in mind, I have not spent much time with him since we were little kids. I haven't been around him much since he gave his life to the Lord. I was so blown away by his passion for God and eagerness to display it.

That is the long version of what we were doing! :)

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