Monday, June 29, 2009

Evidences of a Strange Day

Strange Scene #1

These are items found on the kitchen table during lunch.

No comment.

Now on to-
Strange Scene #2

I found her like this after her first day of summer ballet--now in Grade 5.
Both girls passed their RAD exams by the way :)

Do you think she is a little tired? Are you wondering why there is a plant in the middle of the room? I told you it was a strange day...

And finally, sadly...
Strange Scene #3

I found him like this during his evening nebulizer treatment... after his bath..after he said his head hurt and he felt sick and proceed to be sick in the epitome of "reverse gear."

Poor peanut :(

The strangest thing of all? I actually found a swimsuit I like, that was cheap and it fits me.

Like I said, strange day.



Abigail said...

Hee hee- yeah I don't know what we were doing with the little animal toys. The purple cow seemed left out, so I had him hitch a ride on Wolfie. Brigitta put the baby on the deer.

Poor Kurt! I didn't realize he was so wiped out today.

You really found a swimsuit? I wanna see it.

Love you!

Ann said...

I am so excited for your swimsuit and sorry for the poor lil kiddos. I am thankful they are all getting sick now and so hopefully they won't when you go to Hawaii!!! Of course I would rather they didn't get sick at all. Ugg....poor babies :(

Love you all...sorry I haven't been around as much.

Between "stuff" and sick and sick and sick...well...after you get back from Hawaii and I move and then get back from the retreat...well the middle of August looks clear:) ehehhehee GOOD GRIEF!!! We will just have to sneak in time somewhere.

OH...can I make a request now for Macadamia nuts? please please...num!!

Lainie said...

That's so funny... I was praying about what I could bring you back from Hawaii (knowing you don't need more "Stuff") and all I could think of is Macadamia nuts. So, no request needed :)

Sorry you're still sick and I do hope to see you before we leave.

{{{big hug}}}

Abigail said...

Ann you're SICK? I didn't know that! So sorry! :(

Here's an air hug for you... get better quick for me!

Ann said...

Yeah:) Thank you!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Awww, your children are cute even when asleep! Glad you found a swimsuit. I haven't been so lucky.

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