Monday, June 29, 2009

Evidences of a Strange Day

Strange Scene #1

These are items found on the kitchen table during lunch.

No comment.

Now on to-
Strange Scene #2

I found her like this after her first day of summer ballet--now in Grade 5.
Both girls passed their RAD exams by the way :)

Do you think she is a little tired? Are you wondering why there is a plant in the middle of the room? I told you it was a strange day...

And finally, sadly...
Strange Scene #3

I found him like this during his evening nebulizer treatment... after his bath..after he said his head hurt and he felt sick and proceed to be sick in the epitome of "reverse gear."

Poor peanut :(

The strangest thing of all? I actually found a swimsuit I like, that was cheap and it fits me.

Like I said, strange day.


Keep Digging

Our current read aloud is
"Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt" by Janet & Geoff Benge.

She started the first orphanage in Egypt during a time in history when unwanted children were simply thrown into the Nile or other river.

It is an amazing story of faith and of God's faithfulness which has been a wonderful way to wrap up our studies this year.

In our reading tonight, Lillian had been living and working in Egypt for about 30 years and had about 700 children and widows in her care. Money, always for any orphanage I think, was short and she was tired, discouraged, and felt out of hope.

Of course, God showed Himself faithful to her and the children but as she is worked through her struggle she remembered an Egyptian fable that children learned in school.

After Karl read it I started crying and I wanted to share this fable with you.

"It was a story about a boy who had to cross a vast desert. There were no watering holes along the way, so, whenever he needed a drink, he had to stop and dig a well with his bare hands. After he had dug several of these watering holes, his hands were cut and bloody, but he went on. When he finally got to the other side, he was completely worn out.

A month later this boy watched as another boy walked out of the desert. The second boy had taken the exact same route as the first boy, but he looked fresh and happy, skipping along with a huge bunch of flowers in his arms.

"How could you cross the desert and look so fresh and cool?" the first boy asked. "And where did you get those flowers? I didn't see a single one when I crossed just a month ago."

The second boy answered. "Oh, the way is beautiful. There are many small wells brimming with cool water along the way, and around each well there are flowers and shady bushes. It was easy to cross. Didn't you see them?"

The first boy looked down at his scarred hands and smiled. He knew that his own suffering had made the desert an easier place to cross for those who followed after him.

Lord, I don't know the deserts that are being crossed right now but I know that as a desert traveler, we get so weary and wonder if what we do will be worth it in the end. Encourage my brothers and sisters in the faith to keep digging knowing that You are using our struggles, our labor, our digging to benefit and bless those that come after us.

I thank You Lord for Your Son Jesus. He traveled the ultimate desert of Golgotha (Calvary) as He died for our sins and provided for us sweet, fragrant salvation. We benefit from the work of His nail-scarred hands that did the work of the Cross--work that only He could do.

Strengthen us, that we would not grow weary in the work that You have called us to: to love and serve one another in grace and humility.

Strengthen us Lord, to never stop digging a well of refreshment to bless another knowing that we never dig alone. You have provided Yourself, through the Holy Spirit, to accomplish Your will--for our good and Your glory.


Excerpt taken from Christian Heroes: Then and Now series. "Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt" by Janet & Geoff Benge. Copyright 2004 YWAM Publishing; pages 161 and 162.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kurt's Quotes

I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some tea when I heard Kurt in the other room saying,

"I've got a new Band-Aid. Waterproof, I think.
I feel GREAT!"

Alrighty then.



Friday, June 26, 2009

A Quest To Find Furniture... Under All The Paper & Books

We're all done with school, I'm feeling lots better and I just can't take it any more (hee hee).

Today I went on a quest to find some furniture buried under all the paper and books.

Here are the Before, During and After pictures. Joel, if you're reading, try not to faint and bump your head sweetie.

Exhibit A:

It's very sad to say that it has looked like this since December.

Exhibit B:
I'm pretty sure there is a counter top underneath there somewhere...

Exhibit C:

Can I declare a family room a National Disaster Area? Oh my.

Verdict: Something must be done about it. Today.

During my cleaning frenzy, my sick children discovered a patch of cleared off counter and decided to...

sit and eat popsicles there? Why??
I have no idea.

Apparently the popsicles where yummy on their sore throats.
Come to think of it, I should have had one too...

"No, you may not have another one."

Oh yes, the little man had to get in on the action too.
He ate his popsicle in the garage while riding around on a Kettcar.
He has a "driving school" in there in case you didn't know ;)
The brain-freeze must have gotten to them because then the giggling started...

I still have no idea what was so funny.

Although, they have been cooped up in the house for days.

Again, no idea what is going on in this picture.

Ahhhh, finally, the end of the night reveals there is, in fact, a counter top under all the stuff.

I wasn't the only happy camper...

Anyone want to guess how long it'll last??

I give it a week.

Oh well, job security :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our 2008-2009 Yearbook Arrived!

Last year I made a yearbook to record our first year of home schooling full-time. I knew that it would be a significant year in our family's history. We still love to look through it and remember that sweet period of time.

It was such a hit I decided to make one for this year too. I can totally see the differences of our year this year compared to last year.

Last year was about getting hearts at home and restoring, rebuilding and nurturing our family. If I had to sum it up with one word I would probably use: relationship. It was such a sweet year.

Yes we did school work last year (quite a bit actually) but I can honestly say it was not our primary focus. We opted to not do a lot of the projects but those we did, we did together. Read alouds were a huge part of what made our year so wonderful.

But this year, now that we knew what to expect, we set the bar higher for work accomplished (while trying to not neglect the relationships) and tried to do more hands-on projects.

So here are a few excerpts from our yearbook...

The front cover-

Our preparations for celebrating Rosh Hashana (one of the biblical feasts we celebrated).

We studied the life of Noah and I posted about it here, here and here.

And who could forgot the infamous Plague of Frogs?
I posted a few installments of those babies too.
Plague of Frogs and Froggy Lessons Learned

I can't believe how much different the kids look in just nine months time too!

So here is a little glance at our year this year. Does anyone else make a yearbook or a slide show to commemorate the end of the year? Is there something special you do to celebrate?


Monday, June 22, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, Monday June 21st, 2009...

Outside my window... it looks... hopeful.

I am thinking... about the end of the school year. This is our last week and it feels so good. We have learned and accomplished much. It feels very satisfying.

From the learning rooms... this is it, Week 34. Just wrapping up loose ends and a little study on Alexander the Great. Kurt finished he spelling book last week and was so proud! Leisl is just about done with her math. Brigitta and I will be working on her math more this summer but she is in the fractions section now and loves it.

I am thankful for... the 'buy one get one free' offer at Photoworks when I made our yearbook last week. I expect it to arrive this week. I'm also very thankful for my husband and my Dad. They are both great Dads and godly men.

I am wearing...a plaid sundress from Old Navy and a little shrug over top.

I am reading... my new Teacher's Manual for the 2009-2010 school year! Rome to the Reformation-- oh yeah.

I am hoping... that my cousin Jessica safely delivers a healthy baby. She went to the hospital last night in labor. This is her first baby and she is a young, young mom.

I am creating... cleanliness in place of the current chaos.

I am praying... for contentment. I've been "itchy" to "do" something and need to be content to keep doing the next right thing and trust that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and doing what I'm called to do.

Around the house... we start our new summer schedule and have to get used to it. I would really like the house to be in good shape before we leave on vacation.

One of my favorite things... taking down the whiteboard that is in the kitchen at the end of the school year. I put it up the week before we start school and just doing that little thing helps to prepare us to start school again.

A few plans for the rest of the week... a pretty mellow week ahead as far as I know. Leisl has an eye appointment on Friday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

I was five years old in this picture and me being on my dad's shoulders was the best.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Captain's Father's Day Gift

Per Auntie Cindy's request, I am posting this here since she was having problems viewing on Facebook.

We did give him a couple of actual gifts but this was our main one.

Happy Father's Day Abba

Every day is Father's Day for
Our Father who is in heaven.
He deserves our praise and
Our honor every twenty-four and seven.

Honor, praise and glory to our
Father, holy and divine.
Happy Father's Day to the one
Who whispers, "Child, you are Mine."

Happy Father's Day Almighty God.
You are perfect, faithful Love.
May we give back all the blessings
That You rain down from up above.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ah, for me?

Mama Hollioni came over today and set my once-beautiful-but-long-since-forgotten-about topiary up with new plants.

Then she cleaned out my once-thriving but now root-bound rosemary and gone-to-seed chives that were in my strawberry pot and planted yummy basil and put a pretty annual on top.

All for little ol' me for my birthday earlier this month. It was so sweet and I feel so blessed.

I took the pictures with my new camera which was a gift from Andrea, Stacey, Katie, Meaghan, Abby, Nana and Papa. Who knew turning 42 would have so many perks!


Monday, June 15, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, Monday June 15th, 2009...

Outside my window... there are white fluffy clouds and very welcomed blue skies.

I am thinking... about our last two weeks of school and our upcoming plans for the summer.

From the learning rooms... we are in Week 33! Wow, one more week after this and we will be all done. It's a great feeling and has been a great year. We've had our hard moments and challenges but overall we have all learned and grown in wisdom and love.

This week we are studying Nehemiah and Greece's Golden Age.

I am thankful for... the wonderful visit we've had with Karl's mom. She flies home today and we are going to miss her. It's been so nice having her here, hearing stories, laughing and simply enjoying her. I am so glad she was able to be at the ballet on Saturday and able to join us for church on Sunday.

From the kitchen... we have way too much food! Lots of leftovers this week.

I am wearing... Navy blue capris and a nay and white striped top from Old Navy.

I am reading... another new book. For our anniversary Karl gave me a couple new books about Christ as the Tabernacle. The one I'm reading right now is by A.B. Simpson titled, "Christ in the Tabernacle: An Old Testament portrayal of the Christ of the New Testament." It's awesome.

I am hoping... that we continue to finish the year out strong and that I continue to be healthy and capable of serving my family.

I am creating... our school yearbook for this year.

I am praying... for contentment. I've been "itchy" to "do" something and need to be content to keep doing the next right thing and trust that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and doing what I'm called to do.

Around the house... is evidence of much busyness and neglect! This week is hopefully my week to get the house in order.

One of my favorite things... empty hampers and empty laundry baskets. Both literal and figuratively. I love Mondays because our clothes are laundered and put away. But I love Sundays even more since I can give my "dirty laundry" to the Lord to wash in the water of His Word. We take communion every Sunday and it's a nice way to start out the week-- with a clean slate/ fresh start to the week. It makes me feel hopeful and expectant :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... school in the morning, Wednesday Karl and I are meeting again with an engaged couple from church, and celebrating Father's Day on Sunday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

(Taken at rehearsal last week)


Monday, June 8, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, Monday June 7th, 2009...

Outside my window... it looks more like late Fall instead of early Spring. I have to confess... I'm glad it's not 90 degrees like it was a few weeks ago. I don't do heat very well ;)

I am thinking... how good it is to feel "normal" and it's just in time for a very busy week ahead.

From the learning rooms... we are revving up for Week 32. We're almost done! This week it's the book of Esther and I can't wait until cookie time! After we study Esther, we bake these special little cookies called, "Hamantaschen," and read through an abbreviated version of the story. Ah, but this time... in keeping with Hebrew tradition... every time we come to Haman's name everybody boos, hisses and stomps their feet!
It's pretty hilarious.

I am thankful for... wow, where do I start... I'm thankful I can squeeze my toothpaste onto my toothbrush and other little things that I used to take for granted. I'm thankful for 14 years of marriage and that The Captain and I were able to celebrate last Friday with dinner And a movie. It was a big night for us 'old- feeling' folks.

I'm thankful for a wonderful 42nd birthday that we celebrated on Saturday (it was a big weekend!). And for the sweet time with my family and a few friends.
Good food, good music, good times.

From the kitchen... this week I think we'll do tacos, sweet and sour chicken, potato leek soup, a Chinese chicken salad and perhaps a roast on Friday.

I am wearing... black leggings, a black tank with a gray sweater thrown over.
I have yet to jump in the shower and get dressed for the day.

I am reading... a new book! For my birthday I received a book titled, "Magic Books and Paper Toys." It's a book of paper engineering and book design. SO COOL.
I can't keep my nose out of it.

I am hoping... to have enough energy and strength for this week as I chaperone the rehearsals and one of the performances that the girls have. They will be a part of Alice in Wonderland on Saturday! So excited-- I can't wait.

I am creating... many things in my head! I hope to actually get some ideas out.
I did just finish printing some invitations for a couple at church. It was a nice way to get my "feet wet" so to speak.

I am praying... for safe travel for The Captain's mom ( I call her Inang).
I can't wait to see her and I'm so glad she'll be able to make the performance Saturday!

Around the house... are many signs of a good and busy household. Laundry in process, cards and balloons still on display, violins everywhere (hee hee) and our bed which is still unmade.
Oh well, Monday at it's finest.

One of my favorite things... photography. The whole process captured my heart many, many years ago. I haven't been able to devote much time or heart to it in years. But, now, since I've been blessed with a new camera... well... we'll just have to see what we can "see" with it!

Thank you Andrea, Katie-kins, Meghan, Nana, Papa and Abby--- I love it!

A few plans for the rest of the week... school during the mornings then rehearsals on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and the show on Saturday!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
We rearranged some rooms and furniture recently and temporarily set our globe on this little electric fireplace that used to be in Brigitta's room. She walked in and saw the globe sitting there and without a blink said, "Hey look! Global warming!"

She's a funny girl...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Sunday Bulletin

Ahhh, I just got back from church...the Word refreshes like nothing else can.

Not only was the service a blessing-- the bulletin was too.

So in keeping with my prior "borrowings" from Pastor Jim, here is today's bulletin and sure hope it blesses you guys :)

"...of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times,
to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred;
and all their brethren were at their command;"
1 Chronicles 12:37

Yesterday, being the habit on the first Saturday of the month, several of us men gathered for a time in the Word at the Coffee Cottage... by the way all of you men are invited to join us.

We recently concluded a study of Proverbs, and will next jump into the book of Ecclesiastes. In the study yesterday we looked at the life and a portion of the transition in the leadership of Israel from King David to his son Solomon.

Solomon of course is the primary author of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. It was on one aspect we camped.

David had it on his heart, his passion, to do something splendid for God. His desire to build a temple for God. God said, "No," and gave the task to Solomon. David, no different in emotion than you or I, had to be disappointed. So why did he not pout or become angry?

The answer lies in the word submission.

David was one who was submitted to God and truly at this time let God be his Lord. Dare I say he had understanding of the times... you see we, hopefully like Israel, are governed by God. Our times are in His hands. Such is stated in Psalm 31:15. When we truly and sincerely understand this we, like David, can graciously receive the "No's" from God.

May we be like the sons of Issachar and who understand the times and like David who penned, "My times are in Your hand..." Oh, by the way David was invigorated from that time in his vision which was spot on target with that of God... let's cheer one another on being invigorated in Him and His calling!

Pastor Jim

Lord thank You for Your wisdom in knowing how best to give You and Your kingdom glory.
So often I look around and want to be somewhere other than where You have placed me or doing something other than what You have called me to. Thank You for not always giving me what I think I want but growing and changing my heart to want what You want, to want more of You. May I be a woman like the apostle Paul who said,
"I have learned to content in whatever circumstances I am."

May my contentment be in You and You alone.


Friday, June 5, 2009

My Big Brother's Visit Video

Abby did the bulk of this video... I just tweaked things a little at the end when she got stuck.

We sure hope he moves here :)

My Mother's Day Gift

I bawled like a baby...

Update #3: Around The House

The biggest thing that happened in May is my brother came for his very first visit to Oregon!

He visited from California (where we were raised) and I loved having him here with us.
I miss him so much and we are all praying that he will move up here--soon!

During his visit we were able to celebrate his birthday and his re-birth day!
He was baptized!

Abby (Leisl) made a video for him that highlights his visit. She has been sneaky camera person lately and I am soooo glad she captured him on video. To see my brother so in love and passionate about worshipping the Lord our God... it just amazes me.

Speaking of videos, Abby also made one for me as a Mother's Day gift... it totally made me cry.

I have put both videos on Facebook but will post them here as well.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, the girls have been busy rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland and their performance is coming up---June 13th. Brigitta's broken toe is all better now.

And all three children had a violin recital. I love to see their progress and enjoy each new achievement.

I'll leave you with their recital... and yes, Abby is wearing Converse low tops with a dress ;)

(This video was originally posted on Facebook but since I deleted my account it doesn't show up any more... I can't find the original :( Oops.)

Update #2: School, school, school

We are just finishing up Week 31. I am hoping to update school posts a few at a time over the next few weeks.

We just finished up the life of Daniel and will be starting Esther next week.
We are finished with the Genesis For Kids science experiments and have yet to start Archimedes The Door of Science.

Basically, we're just plugging away at core subjects and taking care of "business."

The children are having their Basic Skills exam as I type this.

I have our curriculum for next year (My Father's World- Rome to the Reformation) but I haven't started organizing anything for next year yet.

OH! Except that we dedicated a room in our home for a "library" and jumped on the big IKEA Memorial Day sale. We purchased a bunch of bookcases and have our books all in one place.

It felt really good to de-clutter a couple of rooms and set this up. It has become everyone's favorite place to be.


Update #1: The Groaning Body

Hi everyone! Look at me, I can type again!

I've been away so long I've been pondering how to jump back into the blogosphere.

I thought doing an update and catching everybody up to speed would be a good idea but I didn't like the idea of a ginormously long post. So my solution is to do a couple of brief ones.

Here we go!

I've had quite the adventure with my ever groaning body. My impinged nerves/bulging discs in my neck affected my arms. My left much more severely than my right. Hopefully, I will no longer take for granted things like squeezing toothpaste onto the toothbrush, holding a pencil, opening jars and cutting my own meat.

I'm not sure if it was having the impingement/bulge for so long or if I messed myself up with the home traction device, but whatever the reason, I ended up with a kooky neurological system. I was having involuntary muscle movements and had difficulty walking. Two words-- no fun.

After a trip to the ER (in which I scared the life out of Andrea and the clerk checking me in) it was determined that... they had no clue what was the matter with me BUT they were able to rule out the biggies. I did not have a stroke (which is what I looked like when I got to the ER) and I don't have a tumor or bleeding in my brain.

The good thing about the MRI?
I was able to confirm that I do, in fact, still have a brain ;)

Not to complain about our health care (which I am grateful we have) but they were, let's say, less than helpful to me.

I'm so glad God is good and He is taking care of me!

A friend from church strongly recommended that I see his chiropractor. I'm a little suspicious about chiropractors having never been to one. But he assured me that not only was he a believer but he was also a third generation chiropractor with a serious gifting in his profession.

So I went to Dr. Braman and after the first treatment the involuntary movements stopped.
The next week I had treatment number two and the constant burning in my arm and tingling stopped.

This week, he said, "You're no fun to play with any more. I can't find anything else wrong with you!"

Yea! I feel soooooo much better. I'm just very tired from this whole ordeal and I am looking forward to jumping back into day-to-day life.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Footsteps of the Flock: He is building you

June 1

And the word of the LORD came to Solomon, saying, Concerning this house which thou art building, if thou wilt walk in my statutes, and execute my judgments, and keep all my commandments to walk in them;then I will perform my word with thee, which I spake unto David thy father.

1 Kings 6:11-12

Even while construction is going on, the Lord calls Solomon back to a very important reality. In the midst of this building project, He says, "Walk in My statutes. Execute My judgments. Keep My commandments; and I will perform My word."

In other words, the Lord was saying, "I'm not as concerned about building a building as I am about building you."

Dear friend, don't ever mistake activity and ministry for what is happening internally spiritually. You could be buzzing around doing all kinds of things for the Lord, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're doing well with Him. How is your relationship with the Lord? That's the issue. That's always the issue.

From Jon Courson's 'Footsteps of the Flock' available here.

Looking for something??