Sunday, May 24, 2009

Please... Don't Miss This.

Hi--I'm here but injured. My impinged nerve(s) are making life a bit of a challenge and sitting/typing more than a few sentences is difficult and painful. I'm praying about what to do about blogging. But whichever way I'm led I will let you know.

Thanks for the emails and Facebook notes. I really appreciate it :)

But I had to come by today to let you know about a video that I just watched.

It is 55 minutes long but worth carving out the time to watch it.

It is called, "Death is not dying; a faith that saves."

May the Lord bless you guys...



Kysha said...

Praying you are feeling better, Lainie. ((Big hug))

I'm off to work but I will be back to peek at the video. Thank you!

Lainie said...

Thank you Kysha!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Oh my Gosh!! I hope you feel better quickly. If i were you I'd take the time to fix a hot bath, then have a nice chocolate malt on the side of chocolate cake! :)

That will surely make you feel better.

Abigail said...
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Abigail said...

That video was great Mom! Definitely what I needed. I'm so glad you've been better since when you posted this. I love you!

Abigail aka Leisl

Amy Q said...

Take it easy! We will pray for a quick healing but in the meanwhile take time to just relax and enjoy your family :)
Amy Q

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