Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 100 Blogs on Christian Families

Well, this was a surprise.

I received a lovely email from Suzane S. (whom I did not know until I received this email) and she informed me that she just posted a Top 100 list of Christian Family Blogs and has included Mishmash Maggie.

Thank you Suzane for including the Mishmash Family!

I can't wait to visit the other blogs and be encouraged!

Here is the link if you'd like to visit Suzane and checkout her:

Top 100 Blogs on Christian Families

If you are visiting... Welcome! Please come on in and make yourself at home.



Kathi Bailey said...

Yay Lainie!!!

You guys deserve it...your family is a wonderful inspiration to other christian families!

-the Baileys

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Congratulations!! I have frequented your blog a few times, as I found it through the MFW board. I've decided to give MFW a try in the fall. My question....I'm wanting to try a different math curriculum, and I see that MFW recommends Singapore. I'm wanting to try their recommendations, but I'm nervous, as I read as many negative comments about it as I do positive. I assume that your family uses Singapore by some of your past posts. I'll have a K, 2nd, and 4th grader. We're currently using Horizons, and do like it. I am just wanting to make sure that my blessings will be ready for higher level math someday. What are your suggestions? Thank you!

Blessings to you,
a MT homeschool Mom

Lainie said...

Thank you Kathi, you are so sweet!

MT homeschool Mom I wish I knew how to get in contact with you! If you get this comment email me! Go to the Birdcage on my homepage and it'll set you up.

We are using Singapore currently. Our oldest is almost finished with 5B and will move into the MFW recommendation of Saxon.

I can't say which math program to use with your children. But I can share our experience.

The three years prior to MFW and Singapore, our children were in private school and using A Beka. It was, okay. I just noticed there was more regurgitating of info and not necessarily learning/mastering each skill.

Singapore has helped the basic foundations of math become, not just understood, but actually enjoyable. Just to clarify--they didn't "struggle" with math grade wise. But I saw struggle mastery-wise. Does that make sense?

Especially with the oldest, we see foundation of skills now and actually a lot of joy in math (which was not the case before).

All of the major math programs will "get you there" in the end. So it is important not to hop around repeatedly with math curricula (otherwise there may be gaps of learning) but if you have a problem and need to switch, I wouldn't be afraid to do so especially with a program as highly thought of as Singapore.

I hope that helps. If not please feel free to send me an email :)

Thank you for the congratulatory wishes and welcome to the MFW family!! So excited for you!

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