Thursday, April 2, 2009

Practically Speaking: Feed Your Face (edited)

Okay, after the Positively Smashing! post I should have known to do this right away.
So sorry!

Here are two of the recipes I use most often.

Gentle Cleanser/ Mask

1/2 C of oatmeal ( I run it through the food processor so it's fine)
enough plain yogurt to make a paste (about 1/2 C)

This will keep in the refrigerator for at least 7-10 days.

Smooth over face and either wash off immediately for a daily cleanser or let it sit until dry and gently scrub off to use as a weekly mask.

Follow with some organic coconut oil. Fabulous.

Personal Preference: I like to use Pavel's Russian Yogurt or The Greek Gods traditional yogurt. I have combination skin. If you have oily you might want to use low fat yogurt. I know lots of people that love Nancy's Yogurt. For whatever the reason, I don't prefer the smell of that yogurt.

For a really special treat try The Greek God's Honey yogurt or adding a little honey to your mixture. Awesome.

***Edited to add*** Kysha asked a very good question... why yogurt?

Here is a snippet and a link to more information as well as a few more recipes:

The lactic acid in yogurt soothes, softens and tightens the skin and refines the pores. Its high nutrient content and natural antibacterial and antifungal properties also get rid of germs and other bacteria. Click here for more info.

Whatever you use, please read your labels carefully. Your skin is an organ. Things pass through the skin into your body. It's why trans-dermal patches work.

The Frugal Woman's Microdermabrasion

***Please be very careful with how hard you rub and make sure you avoid the delicate areas around your eyes. This is very effective!***

Mix about a tablespoon of yogurt (see above) with about 1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda.

I mix this up as I need it so the baking soda is nice and bubbly.

Gently rub to exfoliate the skin, especially by the sides of your nose and don't forget your neck. Then let it dry on your face. It should feel tingly and a little, just a little, burny. Not unpleasant though.

Once it's dried wash it off with lukewarm water and then follow with as cold of water as you can get the tap. This will close up your pores. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, put an ice pack on your face for a few minutes and that will really close up your pores.

You may have to do this several times over a few weeks if your skin is very clogged. Don't worry that it doesn't all come clean at once. It didn't take a few hours to get clogged, you shouldn't expect it to take a few hours to be clean.

Again follow up with coconut oil to restore the pH balance and moisture.

For more recipes, you might want to check out Pioneer Thinking.

Hope that helps and please let us know if you have any recipes that you are willing to share!



Kysha said...

This sounds good. I have oily skin since the birth of my dd so it's very interesting to me. What exactly does the yogurt do?

Lainie said...

Hi Kysha! Isn't it funny how much our bodies change with each child?! Amazing... anyway, here is some info on yogurt and skin care:

The lactic acid in yogurt soothes, softens and tightens the skin and refines the pores. Its high nutrient content and natural antibacterial and antifungal properties also get rid of germs and other bacteria.

Sandi said...

Thanks for the recipes. Never used anything homemade before for my face. Maybe it will take years off of my face? haha What can I use for the oatmeal if I don't have a food processor? I saw somewhere else on your blog that you make your own detergent and cleaner for the house. How can I get ahold of those recipes?

Lainie said...

Hey Sandi! You can use the oatmeal whole or crush it in a baggie using a rolling pin. I just don't like to have big clumps because I walk around with it on my face (so as to frighten the neighborhood children :D).

Um, detergent... look in my sidebar under "Top Spots." It made it in this week. The recipe is on that post titled "Going Frugal." And for cleaners... I will try to find my links and I'll email them to you!

IAMmom said...

I mixed up the yougurt and the oatmeal. Other than the funny looks from my husband it is working well. But my favorite is the coconut oil on my face. I have great skin, I always have but I recognize I am aging and should try to do something for my skin. This is perfect! All of the natural stuff is 25$ for a tiny bottle and goes against all my sensibilities but for $10 I can get a tub of organic coconut oil that will last a looong time. My skin is as soft as know.

Lainie said...

Yea! I love using the virgin coconut oil on my body since it still smells like coconut. Hmmmm, reminds me of the beach :)

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