Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kurt's Quotes

Today is Kurt's eighth birthday and this morning he opened a few gifts. The gift from Uncle Marty was a Mega Top --- which we had never seen before.

After checking it out, Kurt replied, "This is no ordinary thing!"

It was very cute and he is now busy exploring his other gifts-- a handmade archery bow given by our friend Marimba Sticks, Magic Tricks given by Brigitta and a Nerf football given by Leisl are a few.

He has been thrilled with the little things all morning-- pancakes for breakfast, balloons outside his bedroom door and the lavish attention of his big sisters.

He is absolutely beside himself with the musical birthday card that plays the Star Wars theme!

Watching his joy over these expressions of our affection for him and seeing him simply delight in the day makes me want to echo his sentiment and say, "This is no ordinary thing!"

No it's extraordinary because pleasure and joy can only, ultimately come from God, who is extraordinary beyond measure. I love that He shares who He is with us and the He is made manifest in us and through us.

We are all extraordinary simply because He made us and loves us and is present with us and in us.

How awesome is that?



Ann said...

mmmm...awesome:) I love the Lord...He is so romantic in the way He loves us...He woos us in even the smallest things!!!

Kathi Bailey said...

Happy B'day Kurt!

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