Thursday, April 9, 2009

Her First Montage

Leisl is our aspiring film maker so I gave her a chance to practice some skills.

I gave her free reign to use the raw footage I shot of our last science experiment to create a short (only 30 seconds) montage.

I thought she did an excellent job! Especially since the raw footage was poorly framed (my bad). I didn't know we were going to "do" anything with it or I would have actually paid attention.

The music is original music written by our very good friend Marimba Sticks--who is a genius composer in the making.

Leisl did all the edits and sound layering. So without further ado here is:

The Mishmash Family Science Intro:




Ann said...

good job:)

kreativekoosa said...

This made me so happy! Leisel, keep up the great work.

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