Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 19 : Highlights

We studied the Book of Ruth and the beginning of Samuels life.

The Book of Ruth is one of my favorites.

I have such a special relationship with my mother-in-law that it helps me understand Ruth's devotion to Naomi.

My very first experience in a Christian church was with The Captain's mom. She invited me to attend Easter service with their family.

I cried through much of the service and had no idea why.

I remember her comforting me afterward as we walked through the parking lot. She explained that her first time in a Christian church touched her and she cried too.

(I didn't realize the Spirit of God was working in my heart and preparing me to follow Him. But now I can look back and see how gently yet powerfully He was working in my life.)

Even though our relationship started out a bit rocky, we've been able to share our hearts with one another freely and I am so grateful for her.

It was nice to share my relationship with her with my children. I pointed out how there was something she had, even when things were difficult, that drew me to the Lord and His abundant life in the same way that Ruth was drawn to Naomi even in the midst of her heartache.

I also love the picture of Boaz being like Jesus, our kinsmen redeemer. I am so grateful He was willing to redeem us.

There weren't any major projects although we did also learn about the Minoans and Mycenaeans.

I honestly don't remember what else we did on Week 19. But I do have the pictures of the science project that was started in Week 18. It was amazing!

Last week, the kids put eggs into jars of vinegar to soak. It was only supposed to soak overnight but ours had to soak for much longer. We ended up leaving them in for a week.

The Captain gave them each a little nylon scrubber to gently remove the shell from the still raw egg.

It was definitely slow, careful work.

It was fascinating to see the membrane of the egg without the shell around it.

And more than once, the egg ruptured before all the shell was removed.

Here is just the membrane--
But we finally got an intact egg and The Captain could explain cell structure using it as his model.

We held it up to a flashlight and we could see the yolk inside!

I don't know why this was so amazing but it was (at least in person it was) and we kept the intact egg for quite awhile in refrigerator.


In other news, Brigitta graduated to Suzuki Book Two in violin.

We're just cruising along, one day at a time...


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