Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week 18: Highlights

During week 18 of our studies, we learned about Gideon and Samson.

It's so hard to remember all that we talked about since it's been more than a month but whenever I think of Gideon I think of two things.

First, that God called him a "mighty man of valour" when he was hiding from the Midianites in Judges Chapter 6.

I'm comforted in knowing that God sees us, not only as we are, but who we will be.
I love that Jesus already sees us as a spotless Bride.

The second thing I always think of is the clay pot (pitcher) that covered the torches of light that Gideon and his men held in that famous and very lopsided battle against the Midianites in Judges Chapter 7.

When we were reading the story, Kurt asked why they had to break the pitchers.
"How come they couldn't just take them off? Why did they have to smash them?" he asked.

The timing was so perfect.

I shared with him that the pitchers are a picture of us...our flesh (selfishness, pride, etc...) and the torch of light is a picture of the Light of Christ, His Spirit, within us.

He said he understood that but still didn't know why the pitcher had to be broken.

I told him that if the men took the pitchers off and kept them intact they would be able to put the pitchers back on the torches and cover the light.

It was so amazing to see his face as he realized that to the degree we are willing to have our pitchers of self broken is the degree in which the Light of Christ will shine from us.

When our pitchers are "smashed" there is no turning back. All that remains is the bright light shining in the darkness which, of course, sends the enemy running.


Science was fun as usual. I think they lit some things on fire... not sure why.

Oh! Now I remember, they were trying to make match rockets. Not too successful but you know fire is always exciting.

Then they made a rocket using balloons--

No, Leisl didn't loose her tan...that's her good friend and our neighbor who likes to join us for science experiments, church on Sundays and Thursdays and hanging out while Leisl cleans the bathroom. We like her because she eats when she comes over. Eating... very important to the Filipino family :)

We should probably assign her a blog name since she's part of the family... so from this day forth she shall be called, "Marimba Sticks." She is par excellence on the marimba and is a music composing genius! Watch out John Williams, here she comes...


We also had an experiment with potatoes. One is raw and plain, one is raw with salt and the last is cooked with salt. The idea was to see how salt draws the water up through the potato but also the difference in cell structure between a cooked potato vs a raw potato.

Here is the before picture--

You'll have to click on these to enlarge is the after picture and the raw with salt potato was the clear winner.


We also prepped some eggs for another experiment. The eggs had to soak in vinegar so the shell could be removed with the membrane intact. It was so cool!

Here is the prep picture--

You'll have to see week 19 for the results!!



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I wish you could!!

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