Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time for Change

I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting!

Where have I been?

What have I been doing?

Well, besides the usual--caring for my family, schooling the kids, running errands, cleaning...

And the unusual-- making wedding invitations for friends,

I have been reading this book:

And because I have been reading this book, and talking to people who have also been reading this book, I have been doing a lot of menu planning and cooking.

I must say, it's been rather fun! And the eating 'round these parts have been quite good.

Over the next few weeks I hope to share some background information on my health and what has led me to make major changes to what we eat as a family.

Don't worry this isn't turning into a food blog.

But I have realized to a greater degree that what I put into my mouth, and therefore my body, profoundly affects how I feel, how I act, how I look and how much energy and concentration I have.

I know it sounds simple and you're probably all saying, "Well, duh Lainie."
But I've been baby stepping into the arena of "healthy eating" for about two years and now I finally feel like I'm making some strides.

Healthy eating is in quotations up there because it's probably not what you think.

I am not talking about a "diet."

I am not talking low fat, I'm talking about good fat.

I am not talking low carb, I'm talking about soaked and sprouted grains.

I'm talking about eating meat, eggs and vegetables with lots of butter.
You know, how our grandparents or great-grandparents ate years ago.

I found an article by a gal named Ann Marie who, in it, says it well,

"Beyond organic."

In this article,

She very clearly and succinctly writes so much of what I've wanted to post here but haven't had the chance.

After reading her article, I thought posting it here would be a good way for me to get the ball rolling on why we are making the changes we are making AND how we're already seeing a difference.

It's okay if you think I'm getting so "crunchy" that I'm scary.

I think I'm scary too! :)

All I know is that there is much to be done during the short life time we have and I for one haven't been operating at full capacity.

I want, for myself and my family, to be available for the Lord to use whenever and wherever He calls.

I was firmly entrenched in the trap of processed "convenient foods" and poor nutrition.

No. More.

I just can't do it any more.

I can't feel sluggish and irritable at my kids.
I'm sick of migraines.
I can't afford to keep wasting time and money on "food" that doesn't actually nourish but robs from me.

In short, I am done being deceived.

I've followed after Eve long enough. She was deceived too. The fruit that "was pleasant to the eyes" looked like life but was actually death.

Jesus promises abundant life.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

He also says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. (Matt 11:30)

Over and over again I have found it to be true.

It was hard the first week we implemented changes. I had to have a plan! I've had to learn some new ways of preparing food.

But the Lord is so good! This information didn't come to me when I was very sick and weak and exhausted.

I gained a little bit of health back before I got to this step and He prepared me and my family for it.

We all feel ready for change. But at the same time we are making changes prayerfully and slowly so that they don't feel heavy and burdensome.

I don't like to jump into something full bore for 2 or 3 weeks only to abandon it after the excitement and adrenaline wear off.

I knew this was important enough to do right and so we are doing it slowly but steadily.

To date our changes include:

• Eliminating processed foods like-- boxed cereals, chicken nuggets, fish sticks

• Buying as much organic produce at possible

• Buying predominately grass-fed, pasture raised meat

• Using raw eggs from pasture-raised hens

• Eating as much "whole food" as possible

• Continue to use butter (I've never been a margarine person)

• Switching to whole, raw milk

Now you make be thinking how can we possible afford to spend $5.00 on a carton of eggs or $11.00 for a gallon of milk in this economy??!!

It's simple. We have a short-list of priorities that are non-negotiable. We look for sales or deals where we can. We don't waste money on expensive packaged foods. But the biggest budget liberator is we don't eat-out any more.

Going to a restaurant is now reserved for special occasions like birthdays.

We have stopped eating all fast-food. This was a regular habit for awhile I'm very sad to say.

But the good thing about it is that I saw first hand how quickly I lost my health once I started having McDonald's and Taco Bell again.

My weight increased, my migraines came back and my adrenals tanked.

I stopped eating that stuff and within two weeks my migraines stopped and my energy levels have come back up. Plus my pants are loose again :)

Here is another article titled, "Eating Healthy Shouldn't Cost An Arm and A Leg."

This goes into detail about how food costs and medical costs should be looked at together.


Whew, I know this is a lot of information to throw at you especially after not being around all week.

Please, please know that I share it from a place of love.

I am not nor do I intend to be a "food Nazi."

I will not glare at you if your kids have a Happy Meal.

I will not follow you around telling you that the margarine you just spread all over your bread is poison.

I have had this done to me and it didn't feel very nice. I felt alternately defensive or like a complete failure as a mother.

If you invite me to dinner, I will not sit and wonder what is in it. Instead I will be so happy to enjoy a meal in the home of good friends and feel very grateful I didn't have to cook that night.

I plan to simply share my story and provide some information that you can pray about or investigate further if you desire.

And please know that every conversation I have (or post I make) will not be about what I eat or don't eat. If this happens, give me a good shake and tell me to snap out of it!

And as we have explained to our children, we are choosing to change the majority of our eating so that we can have the occasional treat. We know that some of our meals will be compromise meals. But most of all we want to be the healthiest people we can be so we can do the work the Lord calls us to.

We love and serve the Lord Jesus. We have no plans to stop worshipping Him and start worshipping food, health or nutrition.

I just needed to say that so you knew I was still, you know, me :)

Hopefully just a healthier, less stressed, not-sick-as-often me.


Edited To Add: Welcome Food Renegade and Fightback Friday Visitors! I just found out about it yesterday. I hope to check out all your Mr. Linkys. Just wanted to welcome you and say Thank You for stopping by :)



Sarah Sanders said...

Oh, Hun!!!!!! I've had this book on my bookshelf for a couple years and have recently begun re-incorporating it's ideas into our food!! I'm SOOOOOO excited that someone else is loving this book, too!! I wish everyone, EVERYONE would read this book. I think it would change our health as a nation. Seriously. I'm with you - we DON'T do fast food. and 95% of what we eat is made-from-scratch homemade - (and now you've inspired me to make that 95% become 100%!!)And we've been on REAL, raw milk for almost 4 years now. I'll never go back. ;o) LOL!!!
Welcome to the REAL food community! So glad you're seeing wonderful, positive changes in your [family's] health.
Sending you much love,
P.S. Still need to finish your last MC devotional - where do the hours go??!

Lainie said...

Oh I'm so glad to have a partner in crime!!

I went out to the farm after our women's thing this morning and she had fresh creme today so I've got creme fraiche in the making on my counter. So excited :) Last time I was in I grabbed a jar of kombucha too :)

Any hoo, thanks for commenting. I kinda felt like everyone was going to think I was a cuckoo after posting this morning. LOL

Amy Q said...

WOW! so funny I think part of us moving to MO had to do with God S L O W L Y changing our eating habits too! We just started raw milk this year and well, already told you about the chickens! I guess I have to find that book! :) Blessings to you and may God richly bless your desires to be "pure"
and you are NOT crazy!

Kysha said...

Alright, we want recipes! LOL

Ann said...

You go girl! I am not sure I am ready to start heading that exact direction at this point, but who knows where I might be led. I would love to read the book though and think I might go ahead and order a copy.
It is closest to what eating was like for me growing up. We canned and froze all our own vegetables from our garden, raised a cow or two for the year, had chickens, seasonal fruit, etc. Good and simple.

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Very interesting Lainie. I would love to switch over to whole Raw milk and eggs. Any thoughts on how to find a contact for that? I know you looked for a long time. Email me or give me a call. I started researching those options a couple of years ago but only hit road blocks. Maybe now is a better time for us to give it a go. I'm also very intriqued by the book. I have it on hold at the library, but just might have to go and buy it!

I love your food related posts. Post them all you want. I'm not so sure that Rob loves them though. I always come to him with new ideas that he just can't seem to grasp because he is SOOOO traditional!

Anyway, love you!

Lainie said...

Kim traditional is good!! LOL That's the whole point... to get back to traditional food making practices and not the "new fangled" foods.

If he balks at the price, have him look at it this way... for a vanilla latte and child's hot cocoa at Starbucks you can get 12 highly nutritious eggs or a 1/2 gal of good milk. Perspective is a wonderful thing :)

Heidi said...

Yeay! I like reading stuff like this - it motivates me to keep goin'. You're light years ahead of us in regards to natural (dairy, eggs, organic). Its making me rethink some stuff...thanks!

What else was I gonna say??? Uhm...hold on...I'm sure it'll show up...oh! I remember: I appreciate the end part of your post about not being psycho about it. (See, I like how you said it better!) Good reminder to mentally step off my soapboxes! I've tried to make it a habit to talk only about what we DO eat, rather than focus on what we avoid...seems like that's when it gets uncomfortable for others.

Hugs, missed ya'll last night!

Heidi said...
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FoodRenegade said...

Wow, I'm glad to hear about how you're starting on this journey. Would you consider linking to this post in tomorrow's Fight Back Fridays blog carnival hosted at my site? This is just the kind of testimony that can really encourage others, and I'd love for my readers to be aware of it.

Blessings & Peace,
(AKA FoodRenegade)

Local Nourishment said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I came via your Fight Back Fridays link. Our journeys sound similar! It's a real kick in the pants to read NT, isn't it? It's like, "Um, God created all this food and we think we're IMPROVING it by taking stuff out and replacing it with chemicals?" Anyway, I enjoyed your blog and will probably be back!

~Cyndi said...

Finally catching up on reading blog entries . . .

I love this, Lainie! I would love to sit down with you sometime and talk about our health journies and subsequent dietary plans. God lead me to the Hotze Health and Wellness Clinic in Houston, TX, back in 2005, and my life has taken a drastic change for the better. Some people think my dietary needs are insane or "crunchy" too, but everyone is so understanding, even if I bring my own meal to a dinner at their house! There is no reason to apoligize for eating food that gives you life instead of eating food that sucks the life out of you!

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