Thursday, March 12, 2009

Special Guests

I love that the Captain has Wednesdays off (usually). It allows us to have more flexibility to have people over midweek.

Our friend Sarah, that we met in October during our trip to Missouri, came to visit her sister, E, who is local to the area. We were so blessed to have them over last night.

The biggest treat was E bringing her baby daughter J and allowing us to all get our baby fill!

Baby J!

Momma E and Baby J

Andrea was able to stop by for a visit too... she brought yummy hummus :)

Not quite sure what is happening here...

I am holding a red banana in my hand in case you're wondering!
I made Fried Bananas for dessert which made a nice complement to the
Chicken Curry.

We even managed a game of Pictionary Junior.

I'm thinking this picture needs to be Sarah's new profile pic on Facebook!
Spywear Sarah--love it!

E's hubby couldn't be with us (he was working) but Sarah was kind enough to draw a picture on my computer.
She was very enamored of my graphics tablet!

And the whole crazy bunch of us.
(Minus the Captain who took the picture)



Anonymous said...

Lainie, I just have to comment that I recognize your friend Sarah! What a surprise to see her in your pictures and I sooo jealous of that friendship! ;)


Lainie said...

Hi Dena,

They are sweethearts and we were so blessed to have the pleasure of their company.

I wouldn't normally create a post like this but I wanted to surprise Grandma and Grandpa with new pictures of Grandbaby. Grandma was very excited to see new pics today :)

Ann said...

Good Times were had by all:) I have to admit I stole the pic of Abby and I. heheheheheh

LOVE the pic of J...that is needs a little bubble over her head that you can write what she is thinking in:) Thanks for the nummy bananas...

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

What fun! I can't believe how big the kids are getting. It sounds like it was a great evening!

Anonymous said...

*commenting to clarify*
When I met Sarah I was so blessed by her sweet spirit. She calmed my homeschooling nerves and helped me better understand a few things.
Thanks for posting and reminding me of that.

Lainie said...

Sarah is a sweetie...

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