Monday, March 30, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY: Monday March 30th, 2009...

Outside My Window...I can barely see because my windows need a good scrubbing!

I am thinking... about too many things all at once today. I can't seem to get my brain on track.
I think I'm just tired.

I am thankful that... our dishwasher was still under warranty and it was just a simple part replacement. The repair man was here and gone in a matter of minutes!

From the kitchen... I plan on making Pineapple Vinegar. Why? So I can make Cortido (a Latin American Sauerkraut) that supposedly is a nice side dish for a variety of Mexican/Latin foods.

I was also able to borrow a food mill and plan on making the enchilada sauce.

Dinners this week: M- Adobo since we never had it last week, T- Soup (not sure which one), W- Sea Bass (we ended up having salmon last week), Th- Torta and F- Pot Roast

I am wearing... Jeans, a white tank and a white long shirt over it. Oh yes, and my new reading specs!

I am creating... a lot of extra work for my husband who has been a trooper about the whole thing. He has been such a great help to me since I'm still "benched" from most work around the house.

I am going... to the doc this afternoon. Karl thinks I should have an MRI.
Tonight I hope to go to Bible Study.

I am reading... just my night time devo, Footsteps of the Flock, and 1 Peter.

I am hoping... that we get back into the school schedule quickly. We're all a bit draggy today.

I am hearing... the washing machine and the dryer. "Kurt" is upstairs singing and I hear paper shuffling coming from the girls.

Around the house... Pleading the Fifth on this one.

One of my favorite things... Raw honey. I had no idea. A.Maz.Ing.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Appointments! Doc today, Physical therapy tomorrow, Wed we meet with our financial "dude," Thursday "Leisl" has an Orthodontist appoint and we have church in the evening, Fri we're having friends over for dinner, Sat a wedding/bridal shower.

Whew! I'm tired already :P

From the learning rooms: We are beginning Week 23 of our curriculum and David will be taking the throne.

Picture Thought:

This was taken two years ago at Sea World. Our daughter "Brigitta" said he didn't smell and he actually felt really warm and soft when she hugged him (Jake).

Who knew?


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