Monday, March 2, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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I usually post these over at miscel(Lainie)ous but have decided to post them here from now on...

FOR TODAY: Monday March 2nd, 2009...

Outside My is evening and dark but it was a beautiful day today and I am so glad the sun was out. It really helped my energy level.

I am blessed I am by the life given to me by the Lord and how good it feels to be free.

I am thankful for... a day of few interruptions. I'm thankful that I had strength to bless our home today and that it felt like a "get to" and not a "got to."

From the kitchen... This week's dinners: Beef w/ Broccoli, Potato and Egg Torta, Tacos, Salt and Pepper Roasted Chicken, and grilled Swordfish.

I made the kids Chicken Rice Soup for lunch today and realized I need to make more chicken stock. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that this week too. We'll see...

I am wearing... Brown gabardine kulats and a short-sleeved knit top with a very fun funky print.

I am creating... a cozy atmosphere in our home. I will finally be able to start assembling the wedding invites after a much needed re-design to cut costs.

I am going... to pray my little peanut feels better. My oldest daughter wasn't feeling too hot today and I just took her temperature and she is very hot! 103.3

I am reading... verses about Sarah in the Bible (still) and 1Peter for my Monday night Bible study, my nighttime devotional and Nourishing Traditions, which has really opened my eyes to the things we eat as a family as well as a culture (U.S.).

I am hoping... my daughter gets better quick and that I still have energy tomorrow.

I am hearing... a quiet house.

Around the house... Finally, I have good news to report! All the laundry is finished and put away, my Master Bath is sparkling, as well as my bedroom. The downstairs is clean and the floors are mopped.

Apparently, dirt provides good traction... the tile flooring is so clean the kids have slipped three times!

One of my favorite things... taking a long, hot shower after cleaning all day and slipping into clean sheets! I can't wait...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: The usual: grocery store, taking the kids to ballet and violin and eye-therapy. Saturday is a Women's Breakfast get-together at church.

From the learning rooms: We are in 1 Samuel and this week Saul becomes king over Israel. We are also learning about the The Trojan Horse and Greek's Dark Age.

Picture Thought:

I can't get enough of Lady. We met her last week when we took our trip to Kookoolan Farms.
She is 5 days old in this picture.



~Cyndi said...

love, love, LOVE your favorite thing today! That is the best feeling!

praying for Leisl, hopefully she's better this morning

Ann said...

When I look at that picture of the is so peaceful it makes me peaceful and reminds me to trust the Lord and all He does. That calf is trusting the care of the ones over it. It knows it is safe and loved and can allow other to touch it and come close. (ever seen a cow that doesn't feel that? I have and it is scarey)

I LOVE pictures..cause there are so many things that you can see in them, so many life lessons. Guess I am a picture girl though. Funny like that:) hehehe

Hope you enjoyed your rest in a clean house with a clean body tucked into clean sheets. It is a LOVELY feeling!!!

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