Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook (a little late)

My week hasn't felt right without my daybook entry. So here it is. Late, but here.

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FOR TODAY: Tuesday March 24th, 2009...

Outside My Window...dark. It's very late and I'm very ready for bed. It was an okay day weather wise. At least the torrential rain has stopped for now.

I am thinking... about my bed waiting for me! I'm also thinking about how great and sweet my husband, family and friends have been since I've been injured.

I am thankful for... the Lord totally covering our very expensive week last week. I'm thankful for the provision for multiple Physical Therapy appointments and that Nana has been available to watch the kids. Actually, Katie and Andrea helped with that this week too! Thank you guys* sniff*

From the kitchen... Oh, that Corned Beef I made last week was a huge hit! Definitely not just for St. Patty's Day. Let's see... Mon we had meatballs, tonight it was a strange buffet of pasta and a red sauce, steak and pancit (a Filipino noodle dish). Long story but it was all good. I think I'm doing the Sea Bass tomorrow since we're having company over, Chicken Adobo on Thursday and Tacos? on Friday...hmmm we'll see.

I am wearing... Jeans, a green tank and a Navy blue long shirt/ shirt dress thing I picked up at Target yesterday. I like it because it hides the chub :) I can't imagine wearing it as a dress but it will make a nice cover up at the beach this summer while also being a casual top option. I'm trying to find things that can serve double duty when we are in Hawaii in July--thanks to Karl's parents.

Oh, AND since I never took them off when I came in, I'm actually wearing my long Uggs instead of my indoor lilac ones. Whoa, really stepping out of my comfort zone over here (hee hee).

I am creating... (insert crickets chirping here). I never re-organized the kitchen... my neck and all parts connected are not permitting any of that for a time.

I am going... to tell you where I went! PT this morning, then I finally had to take my daughter to the doc for the sinus infection. She just wasn't getting any better and is wiped out.

I am reading... just my night time devo, Footsteps of the Flock, and 1 Peter.

I am hoping... to heal quickly. I am hoping I don't fully herniate C5 and C6. I am hoping to sleep tonight. I'm really hoping the Lord comes back soon! I'm hoping that my brother, who has the SAME exact injury in the SAME exact vertebrae on the SAME exact side (weird!) is feeling better and that his boss can accommodate his limited lifting ability.

I am hearing... the dishwasher. Oh, and very faintly I can hear a train.

Around the house... Karl helped me make detergent so at least we're set for a while. I absolutely cannot do anything so the house?...hmmm... well, it has looked better and it has looked worse so I can't really complain.

One of my favorite things... Pink Lady apples with Havarti cheese. Random I know, but there it is...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: The girls are doing a Master violin class and Chamber music thing in the mornings. Meeting with some couples from church Wed, Thursday is Thirsty Thursday as usual and Fri???

From the learning rooms: We've decided to take the week off since I am "broken" and Leisl is still sick.

Picture Thought:

I made cheese!



Kathi Bailey said...

Sorry to hear about your injury. You seem in good spirits about it though :) We'll put you and "A" on our morning prayer list.

How exciting to hear about your trip to Hawaii...and to top it off, it was a gift!?!?!?

Looks like ya'll are going strong with your new lifestyle...Brian and I are discussing purchasing Nourishing Traditions, we've heard sooo many good things about it from sooo many folks! He's struggling to lose weight for the Army and Rin just had a severe allergic reaction to Chinese we had Sunday, sooo we think it's time for some major changes!

*Sorry so long...we've missed "hanging out" with you guys!I'm going to leave ya pulled up for Kylie.

Get well soon!


~Cyndi said...

Praying you feel better soon!

I had a cervical fusion from C5-C7 because of herniated discs almost 9 years ago. I know how ouchy an ouchy neck is! Soft {{HUG}} (I really need to do that in person one of these days!)

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