Sunday, March 29, 2009

Positively Smashing!

Nana and I had a little date yesterday. She went with me to--

The Mall.

She knows that I avoid the mall like the plague and I usually prefer company when I do go.

So why, in Kim's words, was Little Miss Lainie Pants at the mall?

Well, I realized after I had my haircut last week that my eyebrows had gotten a little, um,


I have been saving my allowance, so I had a little tucked aside for non-essential niceties.
You know, like having two eyebrows instead of one.

I had an appointment with Claire (Anastasia Brow Studio) which is inside Nordstrom.

Now before I go on I must explain, in case you haven't figured it out, that I am a girl and I am an enigma.

In other words-- I don't make sense to some people (hee hee).

The crunchy, raw milk drinking, whole food eating frugalite (just made that up) that makes her own detergent because it only costs $.71 per batch, as well as making my owning cleaning supplies-- mainly vinegar and baking soda (which is super cheap), still likes to look good for her man. And for myself.

Feeling frumpy=acting grouchy. Not good for anyone.

Anyhoo, I clean my own house so I can get a really good haircut every few months.

I use coconut oil for moisturizer and use yogurt and oatmeal masks so I can, on occasion, visit Claire the Eyebrow Guru Extraordinaire a few times a year.

Now with that said, I was a little early for my appointment and had a few minutes to browse.

I had forgotten there was a giant Trend Show at the store yesterday and it was crazy busy with all the reps from various cosmetics companies there doing make-overs, etc...

I wanted a new lip gloss because I was almost out and because you see, my lips actually have a fan club.

It's a whopping two members strong.

The President of the "I Love Lainie's Lips" fan club is Kristina. Whenever she sees me (minimally twice a week at church) she tells me she loves my lips.

I don't really get it. I mean they work well--blowing bubbles, making smacking sounds, smooching my kids and of course the Hubs so I don't argue.

If that's how she feels I guess I'll just have to endure all those compliments.


Oh my, where was I? Oh yes, I sauntered over to the closest counter to Claire.

I used to be familiar with all the cosmetic lines because my neighbor Kerryanne would keep me "in the know."

Alas, she has moved away to distant Sherwood (probably five miles away but you'd never know since I still haven't made it over to her new house!)

Anyway, I have no idea about all the lines that are out there now so I just went to what was closest to where I was standing which happened to be Smashbox.

I was looking at the Lip gloss when Frederic, the rep from Smashbox who was down from Seattle for the day, came over and asked what I was looking for.

He was totally awesome and very helpful. He definitely knows his stuff without being pushy or scary.

But a few minutes into a little lip gloss application came Hank.

Don't get me wrong, Hank was also very nice and very helpful.

But Hank, the Smashbox rep up from San Francisco, was a little... larger than life.

Seriously-- think Arnold Schwarzenegger with a make-up brush!

Big, bulging muscles in a teeny, tiny, super tight shirt.

The next thing I know I've got bronzer and eye shadow. He's re-applied my mascara.

I'm talking full on make-over in a matter of minutes.

I don't know how he was able to gently and accurately apply make-up with fingers the size of bratwurst.

But he did and I left feeling like a rock star. From the reaction of my family when I got home I have been a little lax in the personal grooming department.

I was greeted with words like, "Wow." And, "Ooooh."

As well as a very nice, "Well Helllllo," from The Captain.

Kurt and I were goofing around on the computer after dinner so I though I'd share a couple pics from last night.

But I really just wanted to say Thanks to Frederic and Hank and Erin at the Smashbox counter for helping spice up the life of this little homeschooling, stay-at-home mommy.

Being a "rock star" for a few hours was fun but I wouldn't trade my simple, quiet life with my little family for all the gloss and glitter and glam the world tries to offer.



Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Wow, that was alot of work done for eyebrows. lol. One look of muscle man mascara guy and i would have run!
But you look great!

Lainie said...

Oh Mrs. G, you're killing me! "Muscle man mascara guy!" Too funny:)

~Cyndi said...

The "Well Hellllllo" was worth dealing with the muscle man mascara guy, IMHO. ;)

Come to think of it, I need some new lip gloss, too!

Lainie said...

You're right Cyndi, it was very satisfying :)

The lip gloss I ended up coming home with is the "Lip enhancing gloss- full color" in "Aura."

It was very pretty and Kristina noticed it immediately at church tonight! LOL

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