Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 16: Highlights

I think calling this post "highlights" is stretching it a bit.

With our unexpected week last week, school was bare minimum for sure.

After a meeting with the Captain, we decided to just let last week lay and simply move on!
Thankfully, it was a light week with no major projects.

The Lord is so good!

We did keep up with the Bible and History portions covering several passages from Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua.

The top stories were The Twelve Spies, Water from the Rock, Bronze Serpent, death of Moses and Rahab.

We also read about early North American cultures, Olmecs in Mexico and the Chavin in Peru.

The Captain did some science about energy. I was at a Women's Breakfast gathering with the ladies at church and so Leisl took the pictures.

Here are a few:

In other news, I couldn't find our next scheduled Read Aloud (I hid it from Brigitta who wanted to read it in the beginning of the school year--apparently I hid it too well). So I borrowed it from Elaine (thank you Kim for offering too!) and we are now engrossed in Patricia St. John's Treasures of the Snow.

Art didn't happen but we did manage to listen to Bach's life story on our way up to the violin shop to get get Brigitta a larger violin (she's moved into a 3/4).

Speaking of violin, we are so pleased that our instructor now lives in our neighborhood and the kids can just walk over there!

I've never posted about their music studies and thought it would be nice to have a record of their progress...

• Leisl, who has played for 2 years,9 months, is working on Concerto No. 5 1st movement by Seitz (song #2 in Suzuki Book 4)

• Brigitta, who has played for 17 months, is working on Gavotte by Gossec (the last song in Suzuki Book 1)


• Kurt, who will have played for one year as of Feb 12th, is working on Perpetual Motion in D and Allegretto (song #10 in Suzuki Book 1)

Hmmm, I guess we had a pretty full week after all!

Week 17 here we come...


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kreativekoosa said...

I love love love that photo. They are such talented little tykes. :)

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