Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week 15: Highlights (Tabernacle)

This week in school covered Exodus 32- 40:35. Included in our studies was the building of the tabernacle.

We were supposed to build a model from card stock which we started to do when I remember that Mama Hollioni said she had a fun model that we could borrow.

Once she brought it over and I saw it I ditched our own construction efforts. The model was awesome!

Besides, I didn't have any 1/2 gallon juice containers to use as the main structure of the tabernacle. Instead I used boxes, that I have in abundance in my house, which were the perfect dimension but (no pun intended) because they were Fleets enema boxes I thought it was just plain wrong.

Yes, the borrowed model was just perfect and having that already constructed freed up some time for us to do other things.

Here is a picture of the model tabernacle--

I posted earlier that we talked about the Burnt Offering and the picture of the totality of Jesus' sacrifice.

We also talked about the Grain Offering.

It's funny, I had planned to discuss so much more but after our discussion of Jesus as our Grain Offering I had peace that it was enough for now.


The Captain did some science this week. One experiment was re-creating the Milky Way in a cup of coffee.

We gave each of our kids a cup of coffee and a spoon-

Then we had them stir, stir, stir then quick take out the spoon-

Pour some milk into the coffee and ta-dah, Milky Way

Here another little, tiny galaxy--

We did the usual core subjects and ended our week with praying through the tabernacle.

We also finished "Quest for the Ivory Horn" and will start "Treasures of the Snow" by Patricia St. John.

The girls and I have read this before but enjoy it very much and are looking forward to reading it as a family.

We have enjoyed all of Patricia St. John's books so far.


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Kathi Bailey said...

Oh my goodness Lainie...the picture of your "borrowed" tabernacle is what shows on my dashboard, and for a few minutes I felt like the world's worst mom ever, thinking ya'll built that beautiful thing!

I feel better now!

I've noticed 2 read aloud books you've mentioned in your highlights now that I've never heard of...where do you get your reading list, and what does next year's RTR look like? We are schooling year round so we will start RTR in May...I'm doing all my planning now.

Kylie got A's letter today, it won't surprise me if she brings her down one to mail in the morning! She has mentioned calling her this weekend, I'm wondering if that is OK with you...they've really seemed to connect with each other. It's been good for Kylie.

Have a good week!

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