Friday, February 6, 2009

So cute...

The kids are into the movie Fireproof that came out on DVD recently.

Kurt, lover of all things firefighter, has renewed his passion and is back to wearing his firefighting garb.

Yesterday, he had The Captain run drills with him to see how long it took him to get dressed and get "on the truck."

I just went upstairs to see what Leisl is doing and she is taping up paper "flames" and staging a fire and has included the American Girl dolls to be "rescued."

It is sooooo cute. I just love how the girls encourage Mister (as I like to call him).

Brigitta is keeping him distracted until the walkie talkie "alarm" goes off and calls him to respond to the fire upstairs.

I hope he is prepared and ready for Nicki and Jess's sakes :)


Edited to say the rescue was highly successful and both Nicki and Jess are safe and sound!



Meghan said...

Your kids are so creative.. I love it!!

Andrea said...

The other day my kids took every single thing in the basement they could find that was red, yellow, or orange, and piled it all up to make a "fire". Then my boy donned his firefighter costume and put it out. I loved it!! It's so fun to see what they come with when left to their little creative selves!

Ruth A Stiles said...

I love the pictures.. they seem to be so full of it! and play well together!
my hubby is a vol firefighter so whenever the pager/scanner goes off Gabe get all excited - regardless if it our district or not!

Ann said...

that's great:) ehheheeh VERY authentic!!!

Kathi Bailey said...

What great big sisters!

Maybe A could give K a little advice...

We've been missing your guys' posts, hope all is well!

Don't look for a post from us either...busy, busy, busy down here!

Kathi :)

kreativekoosa said...

Awesome! I would let Kurt rescue me any day. He's had lots of practice.

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