Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prayer Request for Papa

For those of you not on Facebook I wanted to keep you posted.

First of all, God is so, so, so good!

I have been sick all weekend and decided not to go to Bible Study last night.
Papa, knowing I was sick, offered to make Clam Chowder for dinner.

The timing of us being at his house was perfect.

The kids had eaten and were headed back to our house when Papa said he didn't feel good. I just had Leisl run my cell phone to me when Papa had some sort of episode.

He was light-headed and nauseous just before he started to flail, arch his back and make strange auditory sounds. Then he was unconscious (but I didn't know he was just unconscious because his eyes were opened and fixed).

He gave me quite the scare last night. In those moments of unresponsiveness I thought my earthly father had gone home to our heavenly Father.

I couldn't check his breathing because I was holding him up with the left hand, dialing 911 with the right and praying in between it all.

The paramedics got there very quickly and he was transported to a local hospital for initial tests then transfered via ambulance to Kaiser Sunnyside.

He is scheduled for an ECHO today as well as an ultrasound of his carotid.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and comfort and peace for Nana who is in Virginia right now.

Most of all keep praising and trusting in the Lord!

He was so good to us last night. (Well, He's good to us every night but you know what I mean :)

I was there when he should have been alone.

The kids were safe at home when they could have been traumatized by seeing it.

Our neighbors were so supportive and thank you Julie C. and Ellie for watching the kids and thank you Pastor Jim for coming out to the hospital.

You guys are such a blessing to us.

Thanks Julie B. and Elaine for being willing to help out today with the kids.

I will try to update here but Facebook will be easiest for more frequent updating.

Thank you so much for your prayers and love... we all have so much peace.

I love you guys,


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Heidi said...

Oh I'm just seeing this - we hadn't heard. (?!?) We'll be praying bunches.

Sun night I had the pleasure of sitting in front of him at church and hearing his praises.

God is good. (((M fam)))

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