Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Trip To The Farm

Wednesday we packed up the gang and headed out to Kookoolan Farms.

It was a really sweet day for the whole family. Even Nana and Papa came along.

When we pulled up, Farmer Chrissie was trying to coax five-day old Lady to drink from her bottle. We weren't there too long when Chrissie graciously allowed Brigitta to try her hand at feeding a baby calf.

Although it was a very fun and informative visit, we were there to tour the facilities and learn more about our future supply of eggs, chicken and raw milk.
Just to clarify the mystery around raw milk... in the State of Oregon it is legal to purchase raw milk if the consumer goes directly to the farm to buy it. The farm may not advertise or sell to a distributer.

If the thought of drinking raw milk completely creeps you out, you can visit the RealMilk site for more information or watch this video and/or this one.
While Brigitta and Kurt fed the calf...

Leisl was inside packing eggs into cartons after asking if she could help. Here are some of their beautiful eggs.

She would have stayed and packed all of them if she could have. She can't wait to go back and help again.

This trip was the first time I've ever looked at hens and thought,

"They are so beautiful."

I realized later that all the chickens I've seen on the news/TV were factory chickens. Since I had no frame of reference, I thought all chickens looked pathetic.

Seriously, I'm a city-girl and I had no clue that a chicken could be beautiful.

We came home with three dozen eggs and I cannot begin to describe the amazing smell and taste of these eggs. So, so good.

I think one of biggest highlights was meeting Zelda. She gave Brigitta a loving kiss upon meeting her...

... something about Brigitta and animals. She's also been kissed by a sea lion named Jake but that's another story.

We were so impressed with the great love and care Farmer Chrissie has for the animals. The extremely thorough method of cleaning, preparing and testing each and every cow, each and every time they are milked (which is twice a day), was impressive.

They go above and beyond the regulations to ensure their consumers get 100% whole, healthy milk.

We loved it from the first glass and everyone is so sad when we run out before Thursday (our milk day thanks to Kathy--{{{waving}}} "Hi Kathy!").

We found non-homogenized but pasteurized whole milk at Whole Foods and that is our back-up milk. But hopefully we can figure out our usage and have enough to last the week.


For those of you that have been around Mishmash for awhile, it's probably strange to hear me suddenly talking about the food we eat. But we have been making changes to our diet, slowly, for over a year but thanks to Papa's "incident" we are on the fast track to making changes to what and how we eat.

I'll be sharing here and there as we prayerfully implement changes. But you can be pretty sure our new changes will involve wonderful trips to the farm, farmer's markets and even attempting to grow a few things ourselves--very Lord willing.


All-in-all, it was a very good day.

Brigitta was so tired from having her eye-therapy that morning she fell asleep on her big sis during the ride home.

And it is ever so faint, but we even saw a rainbow on the home which somehow made the day just that much sweeter...



Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Oh, I can see the rainbow! How fun for you guys! I would love to hear more about this farm from you. Would it be someplace that I could take my girls? The little ones too? And the thought of whole raw mile...yum! My grandparents had chickens and cows when I was growing up, so I know what you mean about how beautiful they are. Cows too. I used to help milk their cow Ginger when we'd come to visit. Good memories!

I love all of your posts Miss Lainie. Thank you for sharing what you are learning about eating healthy. Have a great day!

Lainie said...

Hey Kim,

Farmer Chrissie email me and said you are more than welcome to come out!

So consider yourself invited :)

Thanks for your encouragement and I hope you have a great day too!

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Sweet! Thanks:-) We are leaving tomorrow, but when we come back I'll contact her and plan a day.

Talk to you soon

Alicen said...

I'm interested too! Can you please share some more info about costs? I know it may cost more for healthier/ organic food & drinks... but I'd love to see how it compares. Thanks Lainie for educating all of us!

kreativekoosa said...

What a fun day you guys had. I totally want to go to the farm now. I love animals, and that baby cute!! I'm glad you guys got to visit the farm.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Maybe it's my eyes, but some of those eggs in the picture look mint green in color! lol

Lainie said...

It's not your eyes!

The color of the shell depends on the type of chicken.

A dark brown speckled egg (Speckledy or Maran), a pure white (White Star or White Leghorn), a pinkish-brown (Rhode Island Red), a creamy white (Ancona or Vorwerk), a mid-brown (Black Rock or Barnevelder), and a bluish-green (Araucana or Cream Legbar).

They are all the same in the inside! Kinda like people-- we're all a different shade on the outside but the on the inside we're still just people, sinful, fallen people in need of a Savior!

Looking for something??