Saturday, February 14, 2009

Barbie's Bungee Bumble!

This week in science the kids learned about gravity in a thrilling experiment involving rubber bands, a great big bowl of water and a recently rescued-from-the-Goodwill-bag Barbie.

Using a pile of big books and a yardstick, a jump-off point was constructed for the death-defying damsel.

After linking rubber bands together and securing one end to our yardstick, the other end was securely fastened (so we thought) to Barbie's perpetually tan legs.

Once the liability release form was signed, Barbie was ready to jump!

Her first and second attempts were successful so our over-confident coed attempted a third jump. That is when disaster struck the fair-haired maiden.

Apparently the bands secured to her feet gave way resulting in an unexpected plunge into the frigid waters below.

Barbie was quickly rescued and after being examined it was determined that she was miraculously free from injury.

The uninjured but emotionally shaken Barbie waved and reassured startled onlookers with a classic, though questionably sincere, smile.



IAMmom said... tragic! What I love about Barbie is her ability to smile through adversity. She's a trooper. I love her launch tower. I think Jon Courson would appreciate being associated with Barbie taking the plunge :)

Jenni Lenc said...

What I love is how you make what may have been another boooorrrring basic science demo into a dramatic, emotionally gripping lesson that forges its imprint on your little kiddos was clever and funny! I need to visit this site more often. Love you Laine!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

You guys are hilarious! It must be so much fun in your house!

Leah C said...

I love it! We just watched bungee jumping on the Amazing Race, so maybe we should do this as a follow up experiment. :-)

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