Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Again I Say Rejoice!

Rejoice with those who rejoice...
Romans 12:15

Brigitta has been working hard and getting so excited about finishing up her Singapore 3A textbook and workbook.

Earlier this morning she squealed, "I'll be finished today!"

It was so sweet.

So after we corrected her work and "graduated" her to the next level, Leisl presented her with a brand-new 3B textbook and workbook.

She was so excited and wanted to jump right into the first section.

It's moments like this, seeing siblings excited for each other and encouraging one another, that feel like "payday" for this home school mom. That coupled with seeing my kids have a genuine joy for learning... it just makes my heart sing.

Good job Brigitta! 3B here she comes :)

Is there something you are rejoicing in that we can rejoice with you?
We'd love to hear about it.



~Cyndi said...

Rejoicing? How about "in too much awe to even form thoughts?" My ear has been healed. I haven't had vertigo in 3 months, and when I went in for my routine hearing test last week, my hearing was 100% normal. Doc can't explain it - so much for permanent damage, huh? :) God is good. All the time. In HIS time.
I'll post it about when I can come down from the clouds a bit. :)

Lainie said...

Oh Cyndi!!! I'm so excited for you! Praise you Lord, Yahweh Rapha, the God who heals!

Alicen said...

this might sound weird, but i finally got to clean our hard wood floor tonight! i mean down on my hands & knees kind of deep cleaning.... swifter just doesn't feel as clean to me. anyways, i want to praise God for giving me a hubby who is willing to bathe & tend to the the kiddos, so i can get a house chore done with no interruption.... which is a big treat actually (i know, sounds a bit insane). it's been a while since the floor felt so good under my bare feet.... so i'd like to thank God for that TIME on my knees praying and mopping at the same time!

ps) way to go Brigitta! we love singapore math too!

Lainie said...

Alicen I totally get that! I was so excited last year when the girls went to OMSI with another homeschool mom and Holli took Elijah for the whole day.

I went home and cleaned the entire house.

It felt sooooo good.

Not insane at all (at least not to me but I am kinda crazy;)

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

I'm rejoicing that Paige has made and stayed on Honor Roll all year long at school and that she seems to be hitting her stride there. Major victory there and all glory goes to God! Praise the Lord that He has kept her safe and has brought her friends.

Ann said...

Practically speaking...I am rejoicing over the fact that I have a job, a home, a car and the money to use the car.

Impractically speaking...I am loving that I have a sense of smell and taste because I made oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies this morning and they are divine.

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