Friday, January 2, 2009

Well Hello

I'm very late in wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

So officially--

Happy New Year

I started a New Year's post and never finished.

I seem to be a little discombobulated lately. I'm very tired and had a fever last night. Strange.

We are having a "great deal of weather" again today.
(Bonus points if you can name the movie that comes from)

It rained most, if not all, of the night last night and this morning was cold enough to turn all the aforementioned rain into ice.

My son, I think, is starting to go a little stir-crazy.

This morning he was scooching back and forth across the kitchen tile on his bottom singing,

"Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.
I'm a chicken, you're a chicken, I'm a chicken too.
Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken..."

Very bizarre.

Then he started to do a chicken dance while singing his chicken song.

Apparently this was not enough.

While singing, he ran upstairs only to return wearing a Darth Vader helmet which he wore as he continued to sing his little chicken diddy.

The helmet was so big compared to his little body that he sort of looked like a living bobble-head!

Leisl and I were laughing so hard we were crying. I hope this little one never looses his silly streak.

He keeps my blood pressure low :)

Now if you'll excuse me--

"Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken..."

It's a catchy little tune. It kinda sticks in your head.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That was funny! I seriously thought I was going to suffocate because I was laughing so hard. Now he's saying- "Legs go straight, pigs go flat." And Brigitta's going "oink, oink." Don't ask me where any of that came from.
Haha, he and Brigitta are cracking themselves up.


Ruth A Stiles said...

my oldest (almost 4)loves the chicken dance...he always wants to sing it SO I bought a dancing chicken at the dollar store the other day that sings the chicken dance....we got him home, set him on the floor, and push the button on his started playing and he started squawking...then he crouched down and jumped into the air...only about an inch but Gabe laughed so hard! Now he tries to imitate it!

kreativekoosa said...

When I was reading "I'm a chicken, you're a chicken" all I could hear in my head is "I'm a pepper, you're a pepper, he's a pepper, she's a pepper, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?" from the old Dr. Pepper commercial. Your son always makes me laugh.

Sarah @ Thread of Grace said...

Thanks for the smile, Lainie. :o)

Oh, and I made your laundry detergent recipe today - I can't wait to try it out tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing.

In Him,

Lisa said...

I can't come up with the movie quote- I never was very good at that sort of thing.
Your little one sounds hilarious. What a fun house full of laughing children (and grown-ups!)

Happy New Year!!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Chicken!!! lolol. Thanks to Oobi, my son has a chicken dance that just has the SOUND of the chicken.
Ba'k a Ba'k a Ba'k over and over and over!

Kelsey Beyer said...

What a nice surprise to see you blogging away! Its a great peek in at your family. Your blogs look great, I just started and am behind on blogging....:-)

Much love to you guys!!


~Cyndi said...

I'm not sure about the "great deal of weather," but I love your Pretty in Pink site today!

That little Kurt is a crack-up! Thanks for the laugh.

"the short one" said...

LOL! I'm with the others who are thinking Dr Pepper. hmm....

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