Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week 14: Highlights

I apologize for the feast or famine posting around here. I've had so many internet-connection problems these last few weeks. I'm trying to post while I can.

This week we studied the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt in 1446 BC as well as their crossing over the Red Sea, the miracle provision of manna & quail and our final study of the Ten Commandments.

The Captain is our "Science Guy" and because of that we do our science experiments at various times of the day or night.

Because he fits our science in whenever he can, he'll often do an experiment after he gets home from work in the evening.

Our study of "acids" was one of those experiments. As you can tell from the pictures, it was nighttime and the kids were in their PJs.

I was helping a friend so Leisl was kind enough to play photographer for me.

The Captain boiled red cabbage to create a pH indicator that changed colors as it reacted to the different chemicals (everyday ingredients) that were added. We added ammonia, vinegar, lemon juice, cream of tartar, tap water, baking soda, eggs and soap.

Acids- substances with a pH from 0-6 turned the cabbage solution from purple to a range of colors from yellow to red (red for the strongest reaction)

Bases- substances with a pH from 8-14 turned the cabbage solution a range of colors from blue to green depending on it's strength (green for a strong base reaction)

(Is it me or does Brigitta look huge in this picture?!)

Neutral- and anything that left the cabbage solution unchanged was deemed neutral and would have a pH of 7

It was definitely one of our more successful experiments. The only incident we had is when Kurt asked to smell the ammonia.

The Captain assumed that Kurt would slightly sniff the ammonia. Instead, he took a full whiff and started gasping for air!

He was not happy--at all!

He was so shocked by the strong smell and his reaction to it that he said to the Captain,

"You're supposed to help people!"

We let him smell my coffee grinder that still had some grounds in it. He was fine.

In other science, the kiddos learned about the properties of fresh water and salt water.

They were able to get an egg to float in the center of a jar.

You'll notice the bottom of the Neti-Pot on the bottom of the picture. We've all been taking turns and I've discovered just how strange my children truly are. They all love doing the Neti Pot and Kurt asks to do it every time someone else pulls it out.

Speaking of strange, when he's not Neti-Potting (or Snotty Potting as our friend Andrea says) he is wearing a Viking hat Nana brought back from Norway a few years ago.

Apparently, being a Viking was helpful for spelling this week :)
And last but certainly not least, Leisl finished her Singapore 5A Textbook and Workbook. She has been very diligent about her math this year. Last year she was a bit more... relaxed about her math and spent a nice chunk of the summer catching up.

She now knows what she doesn't do during our "school year" she will be doing during the summer. I'm very proud of her for learning the lesson the first time and staying on top of the math without too much reminding for me. Way to go Leisl! 5B and...

Week 15, here we come!



Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Wow! You guys did a ton this week! You are all so busy, I love seeing the projects that you get to do. Can i come over and be homeschooled?

Glad to see that all is well in the Mishmash world

Ann said...

Set to the music of "I'm a little teapot".

I love my little Snotti-pot
Short and stout
I fill it up with Saline
And clean my nose out

When I get all stuffed up
and want to pout
Just tip my head over
And stuff comes out:)

There..just for you:) ehehhehehee

Seriously though...y'all should try it..breathing is GOOD!!!

Ann said...
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Lainie said...

Ann that is too funny! LOL I love it--thank you :)

And Ms. Kim if home schooling you is how I can get to see you then yes come on over!

~Cyndi said...

I LOVE the snot song. Did I just say that?

We're faithful neti-potters over here, too. And M also begs to use it whenever she catches a cold, which thankfully is not often. Been doing it since she was 3yo, so she thinks it's pretty normal to have saline pour through your head and come out your nose! :-)

(You can try to write a serious post, but mention snot, and everyone runs with it. hee hee hee)

Lainie said...

Cyndi, "Runs with it" Pun intended or not intended?

Either way, very funny :)

Kysha said...

OOOh! You are making me so excited about CTG! Those look like fun and I love the viking helmet. So cute!

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