Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week 12: Highlights

Well we've been busy and it's been a productive week.

Besides the Plague of the Frogs, which was a big hit, we read from Exodus Chapters 3 thru 9:7.
As well as our readings from The Victor Journey, Ancient World, Ancient Egypt and Streams of Civilization.

So we've covered time in history from Moses at the Burning Bush through the plague on livestock.

We did a good job at cores this week including Spelling Power for the girls and Spelling by Sound and Structure for the boy.

He was excited to get 100 % on his test.

We were cracking up because the day of the frog plague, Brigitta did her math and this was the picture in her Singapore 3A book--

It was too funny!

Greek words are continuing to be added each week ( now that our looonngggg break is over) to my sidebar. Since "cinema" comes from the root "kinesis" the kids thought watching lots of movies this week would be academic-- nice try :)

The Captain even managed a science experiment from "Genesis for Kids" called The Paint Factory which studied chlorophyll.

And our current real aloud is "Quest for the Ivory Horn" written by our very own Leisl.

All-in-all a good first week back. It feels so good to be "doing" school again.

Week 13, here we come!



Kathi Bailey said...

"Quest for the Ivory Horn"...where can we get a copy?
-The Baileys

Lainie said...

Hey Bailey Bunch, It's currently a spiral bound semi-polished first draft.

So much of the story has changed in the revising.

It's gone from novel to screen play back to novel.

I'm trying to get her to actually revise this story but she has moved on and it's hard to get her brain to go back to this simple version of the story.

But we like the story and have never done it as a read aloud and hubby really wanted too.

She won't even sit in the same room while we're reading it... she listens from the stairs--silly girl.

When we actually publish don't worry, you'll hear all about it and I'll have copies! :)

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