Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Note To Self

Dear Self,

When emailing a list of suggested reading material to a mom for her elementary aged daughter, it would be helpful to remember that when typing, "Christian Heroes: Then and Now" that the letter 'P' is dangerously close to the letter 'O.'

Proofreading the email would also be helpful to insure you do not suggest to this mother that she pick-up books in the series called "Christian Herpes: Then and Now"

(Lisa, again, my deepest apologies--blush--)



Anonymous said...

That is too funny =) Don't worry though, I have had many a typo, many many a typo =) wohops =)

Kathi Bailey said...

You're crazy :) I don't want to read about herpes either.

BTW Thanks for the advice on my blog. I can always count on you for help.


Sarah Sanders said...

LOL!!!! Lainie, you gave me my fisrt hearty belly-laugh today! And so early in the morning, too! You're great - thanks for the laughter! :o)

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Miss Lainie Pants, that is so funny! We are all guilty of typos from time to time. That's a funny one though:-) You make me smile.

Ruth A Stiles said...

LOL...head on over to my blog..I gave you an award!

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