Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nana captured on video

My very best girlfriend "Annie" (Andrea) and I used to write and play music all the time together. We would hang out after our monthly Women's Fellowship get together and sing and play and sing some more.

For awhile we were joking around and calling ourselves Hoot n' Annie.
Yes, that would make me the "hoot." :)

She hurt her neck and shoulder really badly a few years ago and playing the guitar, which she loves, became too painful to do.

Well tonight she came over with Katie-kins to help celebrate Leisl's 12th birthday.

For most of the night she sat and crocheted me the cutest hat ever.

After we had eaten dinner, cake and then watched Prince of Egypt (apparently they didn't get enough of Moses this week), the young ladies broke up into different groups and played or talked.

I don't know why but I am soooo glad she did-- Annie walked over and picked up the guitar and started to play.

I didn't realize how much I missed it. And I didn't realize how much our whole family had missed it.

As soon as she started playing, we all started singing and Nana came out of the kitchen (because you know she was in there doing the dishes) and asked Annie to play her favorite song,
"More Than A Friend" by Jeremy Riddle.

Nana was so caught up in that sweet place of worship she had no clue that Karl had signaled me to turn the computer around so the built-in camera could capture her.

Unfortunately, we only caught the very end of the song.

She is so cute and sweet and everything you'd ever want a Nana to be and I just have to show you the video.

As you'll notice at the end, Nana wasn't very thrilled about being taped. After I had clicked stop she gave off the usual litany of female insecurities, "My hair is messy, I'm not dressed right, etc..."

She has yet to realize the transforming beauty of a surrendered heart.


(But after she saw it played back, she said she was okay with posting it.)

** I finally had to add a "Nana" label so you can find all of Nana and her Nana-ism's easier. Enjoy :)



Ann said...

ahhhh....that was SO MUCH Fun...but owie...typing hurts my poor little fingers now...gotta grow the calluses back:) hehehehe

Thank you for the lovely evening!!! Thanks for the "bloggy love". Thanks for sharing your Nana...she was soooo cute...getting so teary over her love and praise of the Lord...that is AWESOME!!!!

You look so stinkin cute in that hat...I think you could get away with SOOOO much....just turn sideways and up to half my kingdom. :) ehehhehehe

Anonymous said...

Ann, that's great! I know which one we should do now- the "My Favorite Things" remix- hahaha.

Mom this turned out great!


Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Happy Birthday Miss Leisl!

Kathi Bailey said...

You are all so special!

Kelsey Beyer said...

That hat is beautiful. and Nana is precious and beautiful worshiping away. I would love to visit you guys someday! :-)

Ann said... I had to watch it again...Nana is sooo stinkin cute!!!

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