Friday, January 9, 2009

Midnight Chat: Blessed Be His Name

I knew a Midnight Chat was coming up. I didn't know there'd be two.

This is the first one and in the interest of caution, I need to say it's rated PG.

From the various comments/emails I've gotten from previous Midnight Chats I'm guessing you guys don't watch them with little ones swarming you but just in case you do, you might want to wait until nap or bed time for this one.

Plus, it's a little longish. I would apologize since I do want them to be brief enough to watch in one sitting. But I can't apologize for doing/saying what I feel the Lord has laid on my heart.

Soooo, I hope and just pray that the Lord will carve out the time needed instead. :)

I think I'm going to start a new "tissue-rating" system. Oy.

On a scale of zero to five "tissue boxes" I would give this one a solid three tissues with a potential for five tissues depending on who you are and your situation.

I love you guys and know I have/do/will continue to pray for you.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have no explanation for the pixelation problem other than warfare.. or a worn tape.

Either way, I'm sorry for the technical quality already (low lights and low sound 'cause it's, you know, in the middle of the night) but on this one the glitchy thing happens but isn't too bad.


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Ann said...

wow...this is a hard one. It is really hard to find words to reply to this one. All I can say is a Thank You Jesus for being our Advocate...for never leaving us alone to bear our crosses.

It reminds me to pray for the men in my life, we have an enemy that is seeking to destroy and they, as heads of the house seem like the biggest target.

It is also a reminder that not only is the Lord sovereign but righteous and we can trust Him with all we are and have. That nothing is out of His reach, and that no one is too great or small that He doesn't see and care about.

Thank you Jesus for Your redemptive love.

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