Saturday, December 27, 2008

Week 11: Highlights

I realized I never posted anything for Week 11 so here we go.

In history we studied Jacob's move to Egypt by invitation from his son Joseph. We also learned about the Hyksos which invaded Egypt around 1876 B.C.

Kurt was very fond of that invasion--

Next we learned about the Old Babylonian Kingdom and the Code of Hammurabi (1760 B.C.)

Apparently the kiddos were feeling a bit punchy when they did their notebooking that day. They were fascinated by some of the laws that Hammurabi established, particularly the law that decreed "if a surgeon carried out an operation that killed a patient, he had his hand cut off." (Usborne Ancient World © 2004)

Brigitta provided us with a nice, "normal" depiction of the Code as it would have been displayed in a town center.

Leisl however took it in a slightly different direction--

If you look closely, in the bottom left-hand corner is a "patient" wishing to file a complaint.
Above and to the right is a distraught wife realizing her husband is about to have his hand chopped off. And of course the husband, pun very much intended, saying, "I don't think I can handle it either."

If you look very closely, in the background, there is an architect whose building has just collapsed and he is exclaiming, "Rats!" The Code also decreed that an architect whose building collapsed and killed someone was to be put to death. Farewell architect dude.

I comfort myself with the fact that they are, at the very least, paying attention to detail. (Hmmmph, clear throat)

Let's not forget about Kurt!!

Kurt what do you have to say about the Code of Hammurabi?

Oh that's very nice! Look at... hmmm... look it's, it's

Why it's Master Yoda complete with light saber!!!


Well, let's move on to the only woman to successfully declare herself Pharaoh with Queen Hatsheput shall we?

She was really into Extreme Home Makeovers and erected lots of buildings and monuments to honor... herself. But hey, she was the first woman in the "White House" so to speak.

The kiddos were assigned another notebooking page. They were to draw an obelisk in honor of someone.

This was actually really, really sweet.

They didn't tell each other who the honoree was until afterwards and the girls did an obelisk honoring each other!

Isn't that the sweetest?

Here is Brigitta's obelisk honoring Leisl:

And here is Leisl's obelisk honoring Brigitta:

And once again, let's not forget Kurt.

He wanted to honor Papa and The Captain:

Wait, what have we here Kurt?

Could it be?

Is it really?

Yes, Master Yoda, we meet again...

Moving on...

Finally, we are back with the children of Israel and the birth of Moses.

Here is an update of our timeline, which is thankfully, Yoda-free.

We've enjoyed a very nice break and are quite ready to get back into the swing of things.

Week 12 Highlights coming soon to a blog near you!


Anonymous said...

I was cracking up every five seconds... this is GREAT! You forgot to mention Master Yoda is, after all, nine hundred years old, so he MUST have been around in the time of the Egyptians. Haha- not really.

Singing off now-


Auntie said...

It's nice to see that the 'force' is with him everywhere.

Ruth A Stiles said...

very creative. Your son (and daugthers) sure have a sense of humor! What a way to apply what they learned!

Lainie said...

Yes Ruth, they definitely have a sense of humor! They keep me on my toes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This post had me cracking up! Not only was it educational, it was hilarious to keep meeting up with Master Yoda. Thanks for the laugh. Stace

Lainie said...

Your welcome Stacey-Bug!

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