Saturday, December 13, 2008

So, I got a question for ya...

I was reading the funniest post ever over at Short Stop and while over there, I left a comment on a different post in response to the question,

"What is your most memorable childhood Christmas gift?"

This is an amplified version of the response I left in her comment section:

We would always celebrate Christmas Eve at my grandparents home. I have wonderful memories of lots of good food, tons of presents and staying up way past midnight with my immediate family plus all my aunts, uncles and cousins.

My family is hilarious and we spent those hours laughing, eating and being incredibly loud!

My grandparents moved to America from the Philippines in October and this tradition of celebrating at their home started that very first Christmas.

I remember it well, it was Christmas Eve 1971 and I was 4 years old.

My grandpa called me over and the whole family gathered around.

At that time I was the youngest in the family and the only granddaughter-a title I held for twenty years.

He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand.

I was nervous about that but as I looked around at my family they all encouraged me and said he had a special gift just for me.

My little four year old brain was thinking, "Oooh, this only granddaughter thing is awesome!"

So, I closed my eyes and held out my little hand.

I felt something being placed in my hand that I didn't recognize.

It wasn't heavy but it wasn't real light either. It was hard and kind of warm.

I couldn't figure out what it was so I kept asking,

"Can I open my eyes? Can I open my eyes?"

Finally, they said I could open my eyes.

I did.

There in my hand...

Grandpa's false teeth.

I screamed, threw his teeth in the air and cried all at the same time.

They all laughed.

I fell for this a few more Christmas Eves. Everyone would promise that it wouldn't be his teeth and every year, there they were!

He stopped giving me his teeth the year I said, "Cool, can I keep this?"

Just brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?

Ah yes, my crazy but wonderful family. Lots of good memories, false teeth and all.

This is me and my "stuff" the Christmas before the false teeth. I made out like a bandit!

So, what about you?

"What is your most memorable childhood Christmas gift?"


Ann said...

hmmm...well I think my favorite Christmas might have been the one that was the most costly to my grandma, er...I should say her ornaments. Grandma's house is TEENY TINY TINY..and all the people in the house are of Dutch/German/Scottish and etc. descent, which means...big and tall. 4 big bruiser uncles, my dad, and dad's friend thought it would be FUN to use the presents that were given, which were the Nerf-type dart guns.

Imagine a Charlie Brown tree covered in christmas balls, a room smaller than the size of the average master bedroom, men who think they are GI JOE and nerf dart guns. Grandma lost every ornament on her tree, and several of the "grown-ups" went home with injuries relating to the darts being shot at point blank range, "just to see what they would do". That was a fun Christmas. Grandma still remembers it fondly, sort of:) heheheh

~C said...

Christmas, 1973. I was almost 4 years old, and we went to my Grandma's for Christmas - which we quit doing the next year because we got our big house. :) I got a dolly with a button-like thing in her mouth that made her mouth move like an infant's when you pushed it and she would take a bottle or even a spoon of "baby food." Oh, how I wanted that doll and I was so, so happy! We were all dressed up for Christmas Day (which we don't do anymore, either) and over at my Aunt's house before I got to try feeding her. My Aunt helped me fix up the food and bottle and we had a glorious time. (Aunt was a Kindy teacher.) After she "ate," I took her into the bathroom for her to go "potty." It took a minute to realize that she was supposed to wear a diaper *while* she ate and she had already gone "potty" all over my dress! Oh my - the stuff that memories are made of!

Auntie said...

Those were the days....crazy but memorable. Boy do I miss those days of staying up late and playing with all the toys until about 4 or 5 in the morning.

Kysha said...

Too funny! You were so stinkin' cute! Still are! :)

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