Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Nana

For those of you new here, Nana is the name everyone calls my Mom.

You can read more about Nana and her Nana-isms here and here and here.

She is Filipino but only lived in the Philippines until she was twelve. Then she moved to Hawaii.

Oh, but after that she moved to Charleston, South Carolina.

She lived for a little while in Chicago then of course off to Japan where I was born before we finally settled in San Diego.

The accent this woman has.

Oh. my.

You combine that with all the American sayings... it's too much.

I am waaaay behind in posting Nana-isms. She has been on a roll lately.

(For those of you that don't know Nana in real life, please know that not only does she not mind us telling about her "Nana-isms" she will often tell them herself.

And, if I blog about them, she makes me read the posts to her then she acts out each incident as though I wasn't there the first time.

She is the cutest, little Filipino woman you ever did meet and she has the biggest, most generous heart of anyone I ever met. So no worries --she eats this up :)

#1) It was a little loud in our house (shocking I know) and it was getting overwhelming so Nana got up to leave and go home. She said, "I'm going home. It's too noisy. It's like cannonballs throwing at me."

#2) Nana was telling us all about her assorted injuries and was afraid she would get yet another bruise because she had bumped her face.

"Lain, can you look to see if I have a Bruce on my chick?"


"You know, (point, point to her face) a bruce on my chick!"

Oh, you mean a bruise on your cheek?

"Yeah, that's what I said!"

#3) My Mom, since she lives next door, will usually come over and do our dishes after dinner. She jokes around and says she is our "Kitchen Aide." I don't know what we were doing but she had just finished washing the dishes, sat on the couch and talked to us for awhile then, got up and went back to the kitchen to find--more dishes.

She was trying to say the dishes were reproducing.

But what she said was, "More dishes? It's like giving birth!"

#4) My Dad was telling a story about something that happened with them earlier in the day. Nana was wanting to tell Papa not to get his "feathers ruffled."

What she said was, "Don't get your horse high!"

and last but not least,

#5) She told Leisl, "Let's watch "Prince of Narnia." And she told Papa she only likes Disc 1 of The Mask of Zorro because Disc 2 has all the "side effects."


Anonymous said...

That's great. I forgot when we correct her she always says, "Yeah, that's what I said!" heehee!


Six Arrows said...

How fun to have such a person in your lives!

And blessed.

Have a good, snowy (even here, yay!) Tuesday!


Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Oh my! I laughed! I love your Nana-isms. I especially love that you are able to convey them so well in writing. That is not an easy thing to do.

Have a good day!

~C said...


I am going to adopt one of those as my new saying - "More dishes? It's like giving birth!"

I've always thought something like that.

Ann said...

Oh don't forget the, "Brett is really on sparks lately with his teachings". Definition: Brett has been on fire lately in his teachings.

Lainie said...

Oh Ann I forgot!!

I should add that in huh?

Lainie said...

Kathi--it is fun! And yes we know we are blessed! Enjoy your snow day!

We are not used to temperatures like we're having--it was 21 this morning :O that's cold for Portland

Kim I am so glad you laughed! Usually you tell me I made you cry. I'm so glad I could balance it out :)

~C--My mom cracked up when I read her your comment. She was so tickled that you understood what she was trying to say!

Anonymous said...

Oh Laini don't forget about her FLEAS pants!
Blessings from the Halajians

Lainie said...

I forgot!!

Thanks for reminding me :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget she asked Papa to bring over the "Don Juan" sauce (aka Big Dan).

Earlier when I was telling her about what she said she laughed, shrugged, and said, "Ah, close enough."


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