Monday, December 29, 2008

Mama Who?

Throughout my posts here on Mishmash I make reference to my friend named Holli.
If that name doesn't ring any bells it's probably because for years now we have called her by the nickname--

Mama Hollioni

Now you've probably thought me quite rude to never include any linkage to Mama Hollioni. But I am here to tell you, it's not my fault. Really.

Ya see, Mama Hollioni has this great blog about her everyday life called Shih-nanigans but I can't give any linky love because it's a private blog. Invite only.

I don't complain too much because, hey, I got an invite. (It's all about who you know ;)

But awhile back she started this other blog called Mama Hollioni in the Kitchen.

Also invite only. (Aren't you starting to feel left out? I know!)

After checking out that blog I just had to petition on behalf of Mishmash readers and readers of all blogs everywhere.

I would like to say that I used excellently honed skills of persuasion to convince Mama Hollioni to abolish the discriminating practice of "invite only" blogdom.

But I do believe my often repeated words consisted of, "Private-schivate when are you taking this thing public?!"

Now I know and you know the blogosphere is bursting at the belt-buckle with cooking blogs. I was looking through a few of them one Saturday morning and I started to get a migraine.

There are too many and after a little while they all look the same to me.

"Lainie, if that is how you feel, why are you telling us about yet another cooking blog?"

Oh this is not just an ordinary cooking blog.

You see, Mama Hollioni is married to Mr. I-Love-Gourmet-Food. And two of her children share their dad's fondness for good grub.

They would be Mr. Good-Eater-From-The-Womb aka Can't-Feed-Him-Enough-Fast-Enough and Little Miss Eats-Anything-And Everything.

However, she also has a child with a long feeding disorder history and extreme sensory integration especially to texture.

As most of us moms can testify, making multiple meals to satisfy individual preferences (legitimate or not) gets really old, really fast.

We've had our share of separate meals due to severe food allergies and the whole process was exhausting to me.

Ah, but here is where Mama Hollioni comes in...

ya see she is not a chef that creates all of these eye-catching, mouth-watering meals to impress heads of State.


She is a wife and mother trying to feed her family good, wholesome meals within a budget while maintaining her sanity.

She collects recipes and then she tries each and every one of them out on her family.

The only recipes that get posted on her blog are the recipes that produce meals every person in her family will eat.

And likes.

And actually says, "That was good Mom! May I have some more?"

That means Mr. Gourmet hubby loves it and Little Mister Please-Don't-Put-Anything-Green-On-My-Plate loves it.

She tells you where the original recipe came from, anything she's done to tweak it and provides lots of how-to pictures.

This is her first day "going public" so hop on over there and look around, vote in her poll, in other words welcome her to this wonderful world of the blogosphere!

Without further ado, I present...

(trumpets please)


Mamahollioni said...

Awwh, you're so sweet. Thank you! You even posted a link on your side bar. Love you! You didn't say anything about the great looking header that a very gifted artist friend of mine personally made for the blog?? How come? Is that because you are trying to be humble about how good it looks and how talented you are??

Alicen said...

love that she has more than one photo of each recipes! i want to try them out soon. they all looks scrumptious! thanks lainie for your persuation skills. ;)... and thanks to mama hollioni for willing to share with other moms who are always looking for great recipes!

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

I really liked Mama Hollioni's site! I've bookmarked it and will check back often. Thanks for making it available to all.

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