Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guest Post: Leisl on "Compliments"

"Leisl, you've been saying that for the past three hours!"

I (Leisl) was relating what Kurt had said to me after I had exclaimed several times -

"That is so COOOOL!"

(I was on Wikipedia looking at some stuff, but that doesn't come into the story.)

I was relating all of this to my mother and Brigitta when Kurt came over and added,

"Yeah, I said that because it was getting kinda annoying."

Mishmash Mother said,

"Kurt, is that kind?"


"Say something encouraging and kind to your sister."

Kurt looked at me and appeared to have difficulty thinking of something to say. After several attempts to say something, Mom prodded-

"Who always carries you downstairs and makes you breakfast?"

Kurt jerked a thumb at me.

"So tell her thank you," Mom said.

"Thank you for carrying me and making me breakfast, Leisl."

Mishmash Mother continued-

"Now say something nice to Brigitta."

Brigitta's over on the other end of the couch making silly faces. Kurt was still having some difficulty in the compliment factor.

After a moment he glanced over Brigitta's cross-eyed face at the fireplace and said-

"Nice stocking."

After the laughter subsided, Mishmash Mother suggested-

"Tell her thank you for playing with you all the time."

"Oh yeah! Thank you for playing with me."

Mom said, "Now what's something encouraging to say to Mommy?"

Kurt scratched his head then said,

"After I tell you, you all have to give me a compliment!"

"Okay," we said in unison.

After several moments Mishmash Mother tried feeding another line to Kurt.

"Mommy is the most beautiful creature in all the earth."

Kurt turned his head to Mom and his brow furrowed instantly.

"That's not true!"

Yeah, we all laughed real hard for awhile after that.

Aren't seven-year olds so funny? (Especially since afterward he explained, "I didn't know what you meant! ")

Mishmash Mother chiming in on Leisl's post to say, that not only did he give me a great laugh, Kurt also touched my heart. The fact that he could be so honest and, well, truthful actually made me happy. He doesn't fear "offending" me or have some inappropriate sense of needing to protect my feelings. He is secure enough to be honest and forthright without fear.

That was actually a bigger compliment than thinking I am "the most beautiful creature on the earth."

I can console myself that, at least, he thinks, "Hmmm, mommy, you're so squishy!"

We moms have to take compliments where we can find them!

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Life in the Highlands said...

Yes, 7 year old boys are so much fun! It's been 7 years since I had a 7 year old boy. Now my boys are 17, 16, & 14 and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Honestly.

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

I love how you had them give each other compliments. I'm going to try that with my girls and see what happens.

Lainie said...

Thank Kimmers! I know for myself that I need "practice" to learn new skills and speaking "build up" words as we call them isn't natural so if someone is having a hard time I have them "practice" as much as possible... you know like tongue training or something!

kreativekoosa said...

Oh, this post made me laugh out loud. I can just picture Kurt with his brow furrowed, trying to think of what the 3 gals sitting around him, wanted him to say! Thank you Leisl for your guest post, and Mishmash Mom for your ending comments. :)

Anonymous said...

Something strange has happened, I have been inadvertantly drawn into this blog! Came across your link about the plague of frogs on MFW forums and can't stop reading! I too am a homeschooling mom and while MY 7 yr old daughter will tell me I'm perfect it's a different story for my 5 yr old who will tell me that I'm regular. Not sure what regular means yet, still trying to pin that one down :D

Thank you for posting, looking forward to reading more!

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