Monday, December 1, 2008

A Good Day

We are back into the swing of school after the much needed break.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our friends Mark and Julie in Washington and The Flores Family. The drive up there was great and we were thankful that the Captain didn't have to work the next day.

Here are a few pictures courtesy of Papa.

Our kids, The Captain and The Flores family performed.

It was awesome!

I was mesmerized listening to them while Mark retrieved their famous
"gurgling pitcher."

Here some of us are hanging out before "concert" time.

Of course with three busy boys in the house...

because Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without light sabers, right?

And today everyone worked hard and finished up Week 10 and the life of Joseph.

The incentive? Decorating the tree!!

Here's Kurt concentrating and working so hard.

And Leisl of course was trying to hide from the camera but I cornered her behind the tree!

Careful Leisl, I think I see a smile...

Yes! There it is...

And of course Miss Sweet Brigitta getting so tall!

So during the decorating I had Christmas music playing. But instead of going through one album at a time I had iTunes set to shuffle all our Christmas songs.

Mom & Pop Winans come on singing "Go Tell It On The Mountain" from our A Gospel Christmas album.

Gospel + our children = Spontaneous outbursts of dancing

Check Kurt out!!

Here he is doing the girls' "Soldier" part for this years upcoming Nutcracker.

And this is the clearest picture I could get of them all dancing.

*sigh* It's a good day...


Andrea Bell said...

mmm...lovely:) Sounds like you all had a great time and the tree looks puuuurty. I can hear the music and wishing I was there. awwwwww

Lainie said...

Bible study is canceled could come over! I'll be knitting!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful time together with family and friends! Everything looks so inviting.
I was surprised to see your gurgling jug- I encouraged a friend to get one a few years ago and I've wanted one ever since, but never followed through. They are so much fun!

Lainie said...

I'm so glad you know what I was talking about! I love that thing. I get a tickle out of it every time I see them :)

Andrea Bell said...

I don't believe I have ever heard of a gurgling jug...sounds like I irish jig or something:) heheh

Andrea Bell said...

oops...AN irish jig

Lainie said...

The jug is awesome! Because of the shape of the tail, etc... it captures air (I think) and when you pour out the water it makes a glug, glug, glug sound and gives a little splash of water.

I am easily entertained and that thing just tickles me!

Kysha said...

Looks like you had a great time and what a beautiful tree! I have to get ours up tomorrow. I think it may be a little hard to place gifts around the box. Heehee. Do you think I could just throw a skirt around the box?

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