Monday, December 8, 2008


To quote Darcy from Life With My 3 Boybarians, "Your baby blog is all grown up!"

Apparently I hope to be hanging around the blogosphere for awhile since yesterday I made the plunge and became a "dot com."

Ooooooh, dot com!

My two new addresses are and

I'm not sure what happens for those of you that "follow" this blog through a reader. Does it change the address automatically? If one of you could let me know that would be awesome.

For those that bookmark, you might want to click on the link and bookmark the "new" page. I don't know how long it will transition for... (you would think I would find these things out first huh?)

And for those of you that type in the address, good news! You now have less to type :)

If you click on the miscel-lainie-ous link, I have a new "Daybook" entry posted over there.

I just wanted you share my exciting news.

I hope y'all have a good Monday :)


Ann said...

oh are stepping up in the world, I might need to get your autograph now so I can say I knew you when you were just a blogspot:) ehhheheh That is awesome...oh, by the way, diggin the scrolling "what we're studying thingy over there------------------------------>

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Sweet! You're playing with the big dogs now sister. I'm with Ann when I say..."Can I have your autograph?"

You rock!

Lainie said...

Alright you two! Enough with the autographs...if you write the fanclub you'll get a signed picture instead!!!! HAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOL

Oh, I crack myself up.

I'm giddy/goofy today--watch out!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just clicked on your blog ID and it brought me right here!!!!! Dot Com, hey???? Moven' on up in the world!!!!!

Sorry to hear about your migraine yesterday! Thank God for dark rooms, silence, etc. Hope you are feeling better today!

Thanks for your visit to my blog! So much appreciated your comments! It's great to have bloggy friends, isn't it????


Kysha said...

Nothing has changed on my end. I'm still following ya'. :)

Congrats on your graduation!

Lainie said...

Thanks for stopping by Cora, I hope you're feeling better too.

Kysha thanks for the idea of the curriculum slideshow--I love it!

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