Monday, December 1, 2008

An Early Christmas Present

I am so excited to give you guys an early Christmas present!

Our family attended a church called Athey Creek Christian Fellowship for years. We loved it (still do) and this is still Nana and Papa's church. If you want good, solid, thru-the-bible teaching you can listen to Pastor Brett online. We still pop in on occasion since their worship times don't conflict with our church.

But a couple of years ago the Lord, in that strange way only He can do, moved us to this church called Solid Rock for a short but wonderful season. We now attend a very small church, Newberg Fellowship, that is a church plant from Solid Rock.

But, to make your head spin and see if you're paying attention, our pastor, Jim, has brother named Jon who was Pastor Brett's pastor when Brett was growing up.

Clear as mud? To make things even more fun, Pastor Jon married Pastor Brett's sister Tammy so not only is Jon Brett's former pastor, former boss and friend, Jon is Brett's brother-in-law too!

What does this have to do with Christmas presents?!

Okay so at Solid Rock there are amazing musicians on staff. One of them is Josh White from the band Telecast.

Well these guys love the Lord and love to bless people so they made a Christmas album called Light of the World and have made it available as a FREE download!

So if you want a great new album of old Christmas favorites and original Christmas songs click HERE.

Merry Christmas!

**They do ask that you limit one copy per family but you can burn as many as you like to give away. And, of course, it wouldn't be cool to try and sell it for cash--not that you would.



Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Cool! Thanks for the link and free music! My head did spin a bit with all the "begats" but it was a great brain warm-up for my day!

Lainie said...

LOL I'm glad you persevered! It just seemed a little odd to post a link to the church that we don't attend right now (in my experience people leave churches because they are unhappy there, etc...) So I felt like I needed to explain that we totally love the churches we've been at...our Good Shepherd just moved us to graze and feed at a different pasture is all :)

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Oh that was so nice of them! A whole album? lol. And i LOVE Christmas music!

Lainie said...

Go get it! IT's GOOD

Andrea Bell said...

I have listened to it over and over since I got it yesterday!!! Love track #3

Lainie said...

I love hearing Henry too!

But Todd's trumpet on track 2-mmmm

Andrea Bell said...

oh yeah...Kool Kat Newell...:)

Christer said...

I'm trying to get my hands (and ears) on Josh White's Christmas album "Light of the World" ... Any chance you're willing to share (since the link is longer good)?

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