Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve Report

Here it is New Years Eve and I never updated about Christmas.

So I will attempt to briefly cover our unusual Christmas Eve night.

First of all a big Thank You and shout out to Tanner Johnson. Tanner is a friend from church back in our Athey Creek days and he was Leisl's first violin teacher. There isn't anything remarkable about that except that at the time Tanner was...fourteen years old.

He comes from a very musically gifted family and is quite amazing. Since our family doesn't go to the same church any more we don't see Tanner very often but he graciously put us on "the list" for the annual Michael Allen Harrison Christmas Concert since he was performing in it.

So Christmas Eve we jumped into the van and braved the wind, cold, snow and slush to head downtown to the Old Historic Church.

It was so worth it!

The concert was great and it was so nice to see Tanner and his family.

I have to include a picture of Tanner and our kids for no reason other than to show you his hair.

It's his real, natural, God-given hair and I think it deserves it's own zip code...

After the concert I was dreaming about crawling into my nice warm bed. But everyone was wound up and hungry.

We decided to see if Shari's was open and sure enough it was.

Sooo, at 11:30 PM our very loud, giddy family took over the Shari's restaurant and thankfully I had sense enough to put the point and shoot camera into my pocket.

Oh my!

Before I show you pictures I have to give you a little history about my dear Captain.

Over the years, when the Captain and I would go out to eat, we would both order an entree/ dinner and a kids' meal for each of the kids.

Now especially when the kids were little, they would never finish their food and I would always have a good amount left over.

I don't know if it's the Filipino factor or not but we cannot stand to see food go to waste. Sometimes we box it up and take it home but often the Captain will start cleaning plates and end up being way too full.

Since Nana and Papa live here now we have even more leftovers because Nana never finishes her food at a restaurant and is always telling "Sonny boy" to eat.

Well The Captain is no dummy. A few years ago he started ordering dinner salads when we dined out.

Dinner salad?

That's it?


He'd eat his salad and then wait.

Pretty soon he'd be eating Leisl's salmon, Nana seafood Alfredo, my Ravioli, etc...

Every time we went out he had a smorgasbord!

I don't know what he was thinking on Christmas Eve. He ordered a Fish and Chip basket-

Which he ate.

I had the pot roast, which was surprisingly good, but I couldn't finish. I don't even think I ate half of it. There is only so much dinner I can eat at midnight!

So he leaned over to me and said, "Was that good?"

I said, "Yeah, try some."

*scooch, scooch* I slid my plate in front of him.

As soon as Brigitta saw that, well, *scooch, scooch* went the spaghetti and meatballs as she said,

"Oh Daddy, I'm full too!"


"Oh, Daddy here's my salad," chimed Leisl.

*scooch, scooch*

This is what my husband looked like--

He finished most of the food in front of him and then noticed Kurt has abandoned his food down at the other end of the table.

"Hey look, there's more food over here!!

He quickly finished off the food down there--

Then he came back to our end of the table and looked around at all the plates in front of him--

and, very seriously, looked at me and said,

"Look honey, I ordered the left side of the menu."


Ruth A Stiles said...

hahaha there are times that my husband says he is the human garbage disposal! people say that getting married adds on the pounds. I say that having kids adds on even more and I am not talking pregnancy weight!

Ann said...

so very...ahhh...CAPTAIN-like:) ehhehehehhe I can see it all being played out:) ehehehhe

Alicen said...

Tanner is such a cool kid. He's a hit with my kiddos as well. My daughter said hi to him at church the other day, "Hi messy hair!". He liked it, prob. because it came from a 3 year old. :)

You hubby is such a funny guy... how does he stay so lean being the designated family garbage disposal??

Lainie said...



No comment.


Andrea said...

Obviously you don't go out to eat very often! :P

Auntie said...

Wow....I got full just reading this.

Kysha said...

LOL You have some real characters in your home. I bet it's never a dull moment for you either. Where does your dh pack the calories? Men!

kreativekoosa said...

And yet he manages to keep his boyish figure. Men! So easy for them. :)

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

LOL, i think your husband and my dad could really put some food away. My dad eats JUST like your husband. When we go out to dinner I have to be prepared and order extra or he'll be picking off our plates.

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