Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 8 Highlights

Okee Dokee, hopefully after this week I can stay caught up for awhile.

We are finishing Week 8 and studied Genesis Chapters 22-27.

We've covered Abraham offering Isaac, Isaac getting a bride, Esau selling his birthright, Jacob deceiving Isaac and Jacob's Ladder.

We could appreciate Rebekah watering Abraham's servant's camels a little more after our faucet broke. The act of bringing water, repeatedly, to the kitchen helped them to realize how much work it was to water animals that would have required 20-30 gals of water.

Here are some notebooking pages that they did this week.

These are Kurt's pages. He asked to do two--he has matured so much this year. Much more stamina and enthusiasm. I love it!

Here is Brigitta's

Here is Leisl's page.

In parallel time of history, we learned about Egyptian painting. We learned how precise it is to the form established by the previous painters but not really accurate to real life.

For example, Egyptian paintings always depict people's heads in profile but their shoulders faced forward. The more important your status, the bigger you were in the painting. And their feet were either two right feet or two left, not one of each.

The girls used a grid to draw an Egyptian painting thing (it's late, I'm tired) and this is Brigitta's effort:

(you can click on it to enlarge)

I don't know what I was thinking... this looked like it was going to be too hard for Kurt to do so I found a coloring sheet online and had him do a grid drawing of that so he could get the idea.

After looking at the pictures, I think he did more work! shhhh, don't tell him because he did great...

Examples of Egyptian Painting-

I just realized I didn't have pictures of Leisl's stuff. She worked so hard on her Rosetta Stone.

She copied a really long passage of scripture in Hebrew for it.

So, here's her Rosetta Stone-

And her notebook page-

And lastly, the kiddos dug up the stuff they buried. They buried a peeled carrot, an unpeeled carrot, a piece of wood, a plastic bottle cap, a peeled apple and an unpeeled apple. It was so cold this week that the carrots looked perfect, even the peeled one.

(Of course The Captain made them wear gloves.)
This apple had it's skin on and felt perfectly fine.

But this peeled apple we buried...

honestly, no one wanted to touch it because it was all squishy and disgusting.

We're a little wimpy about stuff like that.

City slickers, the whole lot of us!


Jimmie said...

I loved peeking at your notebooking pages! We are notebookers too. You have a lovely family and it is obvious that you appreciate the blessings that they are!
Be blessed today!

Kysha said...

Oh, Lainie! They did such a wonderful job. I don't think I would've touched the apple either. LOL Thank you for leaving such encouraging words on my blog. I have really stopped to take a thorough look at MFW and I am renewing my mind with the reasons why I chose it in the first place. I just want to thank you. You helped me more than you know and you have such a beautiful family. I loved peeking into your homeschool.

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