Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet, sweet innocence

I'm sitting here getting things ready for Snail Mail Buddies and I just had to pop in and tell you how blessed I am!

To know there are lots of other parents being gatekeepers for their children just made my heart sing!

More than once I saw written, "Doesn't watch regular T.V."

Ten year olds listing their favorite movies as Veggie Tales! I love it!!

There is just this, purity and a being set-apart that emanates from their bio cards. I was so encouraged knowing there are parents (not perfect parents) but parents that are creating a hedge of safety around their kids.

It made me feel so not alone.

For almost twelve years I have felt like I fight a constant uphill battle. There have been so many pressures/judgments/critical comments over the years as to why The Captain and I are so strict. "Why can't your kids go there, do that, watch this?"

Before home schooling, our eldest daughter would come from school (a private Christian school) crying because the other students made fun of her because she liked to watch Bob the Builder still. She was in second grade.

But now she's almost twelve and I have to tell you, things have really changed over the summer. I've talked about it before. But this summer, something changed in what we could allow into our home and into their lives.

I have always been so strict, especially about movies. But this year, our girls watched Star Wars (episodes 4,5 & 6)! They are so excited about it! It's not "old" to them. They haven't been there, done that and bought the T-shirt.

And it was okay that they watched it. In fact, it's been lots of fun. I was 10 when Star Wars first came out. It was great to share it with my girls knowing I was their age when I saw it for the first time too.

So does that mean I could have, should have let them be exposed to it earlier?

Absolutely not!

What's the hurry? I see a lot of parents rushing their children through their childhood. It makes me sad.

I didn't grow up with a hedge of protection, especially in regards to movies. I was seven, seven when my uncle took a bunch of us kids to the movies to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I am 41 years old at this writing and I tell ya, I can still see that meat hook. Oh, I covered my eyes for the rest of the movie but I couldn't plug my ears. I can still hear that chainsaw too.

Now, I'm not traumatized (any more) because God in His sovereignty has worked it all out for good. And I don't lock my children up so that they are unaware of the world they will enter. But, we purpose to have them be in the world but not of the world.

They are not perfect people and we certainly are not perfect parents. But we do pray for our kids and seek the peace of the Lord in the decisions we make.

We trust them to Jesus knowing that He is perfect and He is good. But we try to take care of the little lambs He has entrusted to us. We keep watch for wolves that would like to devour our children.

If you are a parent of little, little lambs please don't be afraid to guard your children's innocence. I guarantee you, you will never look back at their life and say, "I wish I had exposed them to more popular media and popular culture when they were small."

If you are a parent purposing to guard your children, know that you will get tired. It will be exhausting being misunderstood. You will wonder if you're doing the right thing.

Please, please don't give up. It's totally worth it to guard and protect the precious children the Lord has given you.

"Seek the LORD, and His strength: seek His face evermore" knowing that "they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing" because "no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly." And remember, especially now in these times to "See then that ye walk circumspectly [wary, unwilling to take risks], not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

Psalms 105:4, 34:10, 84:11 and Ephesians 5:15-16

**Edited to add-

You know that thing that you just did when you saw those little lambs? You know that,"Ohhhh" and the flood of tenderness you felt? That thing? That's how God feels about you as He watches you... except more.

Just thought you needed to be reminded :)


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lainie,
I think its awesome that you have...I can't think of the right word but "sheltered" your kids from things. I love that they have bounderies, which is something I wish I had had growing up since now I have all the stuff that I have watched and heard rolling around in my head. I completely admire how you have raised your children, and they are so blessed that they have not expirenced some of the things of the world, its so hard to get that stuff out of your mind. So yeah, I think your children's innocense is so amazing and such a blessing. =)

Lainie said...

Bless you sweet Katie-kins,

I'm sure that wasn't an easy comment to write. I want to encourage you that I grew like YOU and the Lord redeemed all the yuck.

It will be okay because our God, our Jesus is that big and that good.

Keep walking with Him and may He reveal His purposes for your life to you.

We love you!

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Hey Lain,

I just read this post...not sure how I missed it when it was originally posted, but I'm glad I read it now. God's timing I suppose. Anyway, Thank you for this and for continuing to forge ahead even when you grew weary or discouraged. Protecting our children is a daily decision that comes against the world every minute of every day. Sometimes I win, sometimes the world wins, but God win's all the time. Because even when I fail, God in the way only He can, makes it all right. He doesn't erase the failure, but works it out to glorify Him. I love that. It gives me courage and hope that for all the times that we've messed up or allowed something we shouldn't have, God has been there and will continue to be there.

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