Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Home School-- Week by Week

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In The School Room (things that make our life easier): Pencil Sharpener, Notebook/Binder, Expo Click!, Jon Courson Commentary series, Chalk Ink

***Video: Our Whiteboard***

:: Exploration to 1850::

What we're doing

• Week 1:  Exploring Creation with Physical Science Experiment 1.1 (video)Highlights

• Week 2:  Day 2: Conquistadores & Bronzer, Math and All About Spelling, Day4 : Model Backbone, Remaining Highlight

• Week 3: Highlights,
Exploring Creation with Physical Science Experiment 2.2 Video

• Weeks 4 & 5:  Highlights complete with random video,
Owl Pellet Dissection (so cool!)

Chocolate Bird's Nest

• Week 8: Frog Dissection (not for the squeamish)

• Up to Week 22: Highlight

::Rome to Reformation 2009-2010::

What we're doing

Orientation Day

Composer Poster

Apologia Science Experiment 1.1
• Experiment 1.2
• Experiment 1.3

• Week 1: Highlights including Cell activities, Making Ellipses, Roman Lands/Punic Wars notebooking pages and Mini Books of the Bible activity,

Breakthrough--cell permeability activity

• Week 2: Highlights including coloring sheets from August Caesar's World and notebooking page. science notebooking about the brain and a glimpse at electives.

• Week 3: Highlights include map work (Antony & Octavian Divide the World) and the Waxed Tablet project from Week 1

• Week 4: Body Book-Senses, Piggy Parade, Highlights including poetry reading & body regulation

• Week 5: Highlights including model of the tongue

• Week 6: Highlights including bridge and arch activities

• Week 7: Highlights including video of Apologia Science: Surface Tension, model of ear and August Caesar notebooking pages.

• Week 8: Highlights include model of skin

• Week 9: Highlights include model of the eye and notebooking from the life of Jesus and sheets from Augustus Caesar's World

• Week 10: Dem Bones (Skeleton Model), Highlights include Adv. notebooking from Pentecost and the Spread of the Gospel. Also pictures of Joint model.

• Weeks 11-ish to 22:  A very general highlight includes photos of select notebooking pages (Crusades, Monks, Vikings, Islam, Book of Kells, etc...) solar system model,  and beginnings of castle model.

• Weeks 23-30: Part One--Bible/ History--Including Asia, haiku, Marco Polo and Science, including video of water-bottle hurricane.

Part Two-- Music and Art

::Creation to Greeks 2008-2009::

Getting Ready: What we're studying, vocabulary cards, Making Pockets, White Board, Spice Box, Organizing Supplies, Little Lockers EDITED New find in 2009, White Board #2,

It's All Greek To Me

Composer Poster

Week 1: Our First Day, Time Line, Days of Creation,

Week 2: Celebrating Sabbath, Noah's Ark, Easy Homeschool Desk, Week 2 Highlights

Week 3: Books of the Bible, Shofar So Good

Week 4: Highlights, There's No Escape

Week 5: Pyramids, Building A Booth, Manna & Quail, Week 5 Highlights

Weeks 6 and 7: Highlights

Week 8: Highlights,

Week 9: Day One, Egyptian Housing,

Week 10: School?,

Week 11: Highlights including the Hyksos invasion, the Code of Hammurabi and Queen Hatsheput

Week 12: Plague of Frogs, Froggy Lessons Learned, Highlights

Week 13: Plague of Boils, Highlights

Week 14: What Is It?, Highlights

Week 15: Highlights (Tabernacle)

Week 16: Highlights

Week 17: Highlights, Barbie's Bungee Bumble

Week 18: Highlights

Week 19: Highlights

Week 20: Highlights

Week 21: Saturday Science Fun

Week 22: pending

Week 23: pending

Week 24: Intermediate Language Lesson #215, Chicken Livers, Enzymes and FIRE!, Science Montage #1, Breathe In, Breathe Out

Weeks 25-34: pending
(I was injured at the end of the last school year and wasn't able to post those weeks. If you have a question about a particular week in CtG I would be more than happy to either answer or go back and post what we did for the missing week. I hope to be able to fill in these blanks... some day :)

::Exploring Countries and Cultures 2007-2008::

Science notebooking

Little bits and pieces

Geography cards


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