Monday, November 10, 2008

Next project

This is what I went with--

I started it last night and the color matches the other scarf pretty close. I will give this to Mamahollioni's daughter so they can match.

I usually make her a hat. Should I do a hat in the same yarn or would that be overkill?

Beanie or beret?

The yarn is Crystal Palace Dragon Fly in color # 9601B that I'm knitting with a strand of sportweight in pink (I can't remember what it is) and I'm using a garter stitch on size US 17.


Andrea Bell said...

OHHHH..that is CUTE...for the girlie girl...I think a beret would be ADORABLE!!!

Andrea Bell said...

I don't think the same yarn would be overkill, it would match.

Auntie said...

I second Adrea's comment.

Lainie said...

Okay so I finished the scarf today. I need to find a basic beret pattern...Ann?

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Cute! Love it! When you find a beret pattern, can I check it out? I'd love to make one for the girls.

Totally cute!

Andrea Bell said...

I will email you a few patterns to choose from:)

Looking for something??