Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Midnight Chat: When It's November...and it's hard

Well, I did attempt to go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. But as I was getting ready for bed I felt stronger and stronger that I needed to share with you tonight and not tomorrow when, you know, I was fresh and had regular clothes on!

So here I am in my jammies, in front of the fireplace because it was so cold down stairs and without a stitch of make-up on.

I hope it is a blessing to you...


Andrea Bell said...

ahhhh...rabbi...I have missed you:) That is a good word for so many people...homeschool moms and weary travelers on this narrow road of life that leads to our real home. I am so blessed by you, and so many others are too. But not only blessed by you, but your kiddos rub their "magic" off on anybody they meet as well. You are a family of "lights" in a dark world, and you touch more people than you will ever realize, for the glory of God. I cannot go anywhere that you haven't been without hearing, "oh...I know Lainie, she is amazing. Her kids are unbelievable and wonderful." I would like to say that I always reply that's because Jesus is in her, but as lil sister...I just say, "yes she is!!!"

Late fall has always been a time of retreat for you. A time to rest and hear and be refreshed in the Lord. Clear from Women's Fellowship days...

I will be praying for a refreshment, but in the meantime I am thankful to God for your obedience in continuing to do what He has called you to with diligence. And for continuing to "hold the flashlight" for anyone who happens to be tagging along:)

LOVE YOU...sniff sniff

Lainie said...

Like I wasn't crying enough during and after the making of the video-now you're gonna make me cry in the comments too? I forgot "Fall" was my time. Must be old age ;)

Thank you for the words of encouragement. You're the best lil sister I ever had. I thought it would be weird, you know, me talking to a camera, but I could see the faces of all these moms I know and it was like they were there and it wasn't weird at all. I personally would have preferred to not be in my pjs...but you know, His timing and all that.

Big hug and thank you for letting me "practice" all those years. hee hee

~C said...

I wasn't going to comment on this one because it's just so personal, but I've been dwelling on it for 2 days now. I had to pop back over and thank you for being so amazingly honest. You touched my heart. I needed to hear this. I'm sending a few friends over, too.

Lainie said...

Thank you for coming back just to do that...it's hard to share like that out of what I felt was obedience to the Lord and hear nothing but crickets chirping!

I appreciate knowing I'm not the only one and that there are women out there that are willing to "get real" with me :) Funny, I used to have the saying, "Jammies optional-No make-up required" in my header. I never thought I'd show up in jammies with no make-up! Ha!

Thanks again for coming back...it means alot :)

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

So, it only took me a couple of days to finally leave a comment about this post! Sorry!

First, LOVE the jammies and the fresh face look. You should go with that more often. Seriously, you're adorable!

Now on to more serious stuff...I found it interesting that Andrea called you "rabbi" because I totally thought the same thing when I first watched the video. I was reminded of the "Left Behind" series of books and how the believers that were left behind would be filled up, encouraged and educated in the Word by Tsion Ben-Judah's cyberposts. You're my Tsion Ben-Judah, Miss Lainie Pants!

Thank you for being so transparent so that the Holy Spirit can be heard through you. I was mesmerized and thoroughly blessed by every word. You really ought to do more of this online video message stuff because you come across amazing via video.

You Rock!

Lisa said...

I watched your video message a few days ago and tears streamed down my face because you "get it", my dear! I could identify with many things you said: "weary in well doing", "It's November", and "only the shoulders that were pinned to the cross can bear it". I came back today, at your prompting, and watched with tears streaming down my face once again.

In my gloom, I have vacillated between anger and disgust at the wickedness in the world, and frustration with my own inadequacies and insufficiency. I am discouraged by what my children must deal with, and disappointed with my own failures. But, I KNOW that God is Faithful, He is Good, He loves me and has a plan for me, He is Merciful, He is Gracious. I am just not at HOME. I do not fit with this world. However, God in His wisdom has given me a calling. I must train my children, love my husband, and help others. Jesus is my sufficiency. Jesus is my adequacy. Jesus is my purpose. Jesus is.

You are a sweet, dear person and I am blessed that we have found each other in this crazy “blogosphere”. I will continue to lift you up in prayer. Thank you for lifting me up with your words of encouragement. My emotions have not yet followed what I know, but “thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.”

Lainie said...

Thanks for your honesty Lisa as well as your encouragement. I had no idea you had already seen it when I emailed. After I read your Daybook I thought of this post.

Yes, it is hard to be in the world and not of it. Hard enough for us but hard and confusing for the kiddos.

It's hard to remember to do our part and trust Jesus with the rest. I am glad for those women that remind me when I forget.

Thank you for your prayers and know I am praying for you as well.

May we both journey and finish well but His power and His Spirit.

{{{big hug}}}

Mamahollioni said...

I watched a short segment of your introduction video clip long ago and haven't watched any others. This morning, I walked straight to my computer and opened up your blog and this video. I felt a prompting to just open it up....and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for your words and doing it in a video form. It was a great encouragement to this weary traveler.

IAMmom said...

My hs girlfriends sent me this link because they think we are too much alike not to be sisters. I think that is funny since I am a black woman but hey by the firelight maybe... When I listened to what you had to say I cried. I was sent a link to this a month ago and somehow I never saw it. Today, talking to my gf about feeling unmotivaated she refered back to your post. After 15 mins of frantic email searching she found it. Gods timing was perfect, I needed it NOW. What you do is amazing, I want a camera now. Keep it up.

On the weird side...I think this is funny, I to am a artsy fartsy type, we really do have the same way of speaking and manner. I am a worship leader (looking for a chic drummer, too bad South Texas is soooo far away), we LOVE Jon, we went to Medford, OR on VACTION (obstensivly to visit friends but it was really to go to Applegate) I too have 3 kiddos that I said I would NEVER homeschool and here I am, called and holding on for dear life. I love your blog and want to be like you when I grow up.

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