Friday, November 7, 2008

I forgot one

This week our Greek root word (see sidebar) is "philia" meaning love, friendship.

The kids asked about other philosophers (lovers of wisdom) besides King Solomon.

I said, "Oh yeah, there was Socrates and Plato."

All three gave me the weirdest look and then asked, "Soccer tees and Play-doh?"


Anonymous said...

Gotta Luv it =)

This doesn't have any thing to do with it but I thought it was awesome @(^_^)@...its a monkey, isnt that cool?

Katie =)

Lainie said...

Katie you crack me up! I love your monkey... I'm totally stealing it!!

Anonymous said...

Okay =) Thats why I put it there =)=)=)

Auntie said...

I knew baby blue wasn't going to last too long, Now we're getting more of the "you" back. You must be getting over your illness.

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