Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are you dizzy?

I apologize if you guys are getting dizzy by my constant change over here.

I have to live with changes for awhile before I make up my mind about them (design, creative things).

So thanks for hanging in there with me. When you're a "MishMash"/"Miscel(Lainie)ous" type person it's hard to lock into a single look.

Besides, with the bronchitis sucking the energy out of me and the prednisone keeping me completely wired and up all night, sitting here playing is about all I can do with myself. Although I did do some laundry and I plan on whipping up a batch of detergent today. I'm almost out of that very first batch.

I plan on remedying the lack of posts too.

I stopped doing the "Nightstand" thing because I had it under such good control.

Y'all should see it now!! There's three inhalers, bottles of pills, DVDs, books, tissue. I'm talking CRAZY.

Oh well, yet another example of why evolution is impossible! I keep hoping the chaos of my nightstand will "evolve" into order. Hasn't happened yet and I don't think a few "million" years will help.

Oh where was I? Oh yes, getting caught up on posts, especially getting you caught up on our schooling for the last two weeks. We've been staying caught up on school even with all of us being sick. (Did I tell you the girls are on antibiotics too? First time in 18months!)

I've also been busy researching and setting up a new site called, "Snail Mail Buddies." It's a site to match up pen pals for students.

I'm putting a link in the sidebar for those of you that are MFW families or potential MFW families.

I'm limiting it MFW families for now. But if it looks like there is a need and parents what their children to participate, I'll open it up for others.

Thinking out loud here...I think I would give a preference/option to MFW families to only be matched with other MFW families. I like having two different "Buddy Banks" to draw from.

Anyway, check it out if you can and I am totally open to feedback about how it's set-up and ease of use, etc...

Definitely very unexpected, brand-new territory for me so I'm still working it out.

Let's see what else for today... oh, Darcy over at Life with my 3 Boybarians has a thoughtful post about premature infants .

I didn't know this was Prematurity Awareness Month. Felt like I learned something new about preemies. She has her story of life in the NICU with her son "Trouble" over there too. Good stuff...

May the Lord bless you this day as you give Him all glory, honor and praise due His perfect, holy name. Jesus, there is no other name in the heavens or the earth by which we are saved.


Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I have asthma, and my son has a combination of asthma/bronchitis so i know what you are going through. Have you tried Advair. It's such a blessing. I haven't had a major attack since being on it (And i hated having to take prednisone when i was hospitalized). Ask your doctor about it. It's such a relief.

Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Wow! I can't believe all that you manage to get done and still be sick. You are supermom! I get tired just reading about all that you are doing.

Anywho, love the snail mail idea. I'm not an MFW-er anymore, but if and when you decide to open it up to to others let me know. Oh, and I really liked the dots:-)

Lainie said...

Hey Miss Kim! It was really fun to do!

I'll see how this first round goes. Hopefully, I'll get some feed back. I'd like to get the kinks worked out before "opening" it up.

Thanks for being so encouraging-always!

Love you!

Auntie said...

Wow...I hope this color is going to work for you this time.

Lainie said...

Fly up here so I can pinch you!

How does the baby blue look on your end?

Auntie said...

It's not too bad, but for reason it's not screaming "YOU". Maybe it's just kinda how you were feeling until that light bulb went off. We'll have to see.......

Lainie said...

Whatever! You know I'm old now :) ah, but still younger than you!!!!

I needed mellow.

The header (top thingy) is totally screaming me--it's like my face! LOL

But you're right, we'll see if this makes it a week ;)

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